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  1. September 2nd they're announcing the kickstarter date
  2. I actually made one, "The federation of fandom's" I figured each group would be small as a single empire but united we'd make a formidable enemy I hope
  3. I hope they are, I dream of flying in a federation fleet into battle
  4. I wonder if we could get UV light elements for underground farming and daylight simulating for underground cities
  5. You could have a real super HD game of Bloons tower defense
  6. I don't mind a subscription, also if theirs an in game economy maybe you could buy game time tokens with enough in game cash, it would promote an active economy for sure
  7. Picardnado

    Hover Boards

    I'd like a solar wind hover surfer pike from the animated film treasure planet
  8. I'm imagining a pirate ship lifted by a balloon, that'd be incredible a whole planet with balloon pirates fighting for territory and loot!
  9. Looked more into blueprints, I think we'd sell blueprints relevant to the outposts theme, so if you went to the star trek themed one you could buy the enterprise blueprint if you wanted a death star you'd have to go the imperial outpost etc. Does this sound like a good idea? It would give people a reason to travel to different parts of the federation.
  10. I'd like to be Picardnado, then I'll captain the enterprise.
  11. I'm going to have to buy VR just for Dual Universe, I don't think there's any other way to experience it.
  12. Give the Federation of Fandom's a look on the orginization page its my organization where we'll be building things from other games like halo.
  13. The way I want to run it will be there will be ranks, anyone can be an ensign but you'd have to run a few missions to earn a promotion and maybe work on tactical or comms and so on and so on until you make captain then you could captain any main ship that's free, of course if we both get in at alpha and you help early on you'd go straight to captain because obviously no has experience so it'd be just whoever's there.
  14. If you can build underground I hope they have elements to have an elevator to allow ships to park underground but take off instantly
  15. I would like a paralysis beam, like a stun phaser so you can roleplay a pacifist or even just to escape a battle you can't win.
  16. It would be amazing to have a shipyard with a small bunker with an elevator going down to a train station that goes miles through the ocean made of glass, then inside a giant glass dome an underwater city... Now that would be amazing.
  17. LynkxDev you sound like someone I want in the federation, my first big build will be an enterprise, I'm thinking enterprise-D to start. Multi crew obviously and with a dock at the non saucer section for smaller personal ships to help defend the ship in combat EDIT: LynkxDev check out the Federation of Fandom's organization page, if you need somewhere to build and sell ships I think we could team up
  18. That way if you want to go to a certain ship you just need to get to the federation main city to travel via Stargate to your favorite star ship
  19. Sounds great depending on how they do stargates I think it'd be a good idea to have one on big ships/stations like Babylon 5 and then have them travel around slowly from planet to planet to mine resources, even if its not in the original design no matter the ship if it goes on mining operations then it'd need alot of docks for fighter ships to defend from pirates.
  20. I'll be donating, especially if it means I get to access the Alpha, I can't wait to get in there and start building cities ready for launch.
  21. Love the idea of having a huge city like Stargate Atlantis with a stargate on board, it could work like a mining ship, never needing to return home as they can be refueled through the Stargate and return collected materials home
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