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  1. So. Give us XL Atmo Engines and [XL | L] Stabilizers. Adjust the stats for those, so there is less elements to loop and the game will certainly run better with only that. You know very well that this is a very easy thing to do, NQ. The visual improvement Focus on the very important things like the above, that would very much benefit on the performance side. Fix or improve the network code (desyncs) that breaks the overall experience and immersion, and not only that, it make PvP not fun and very difficult to play. Make some kind of survival mechanics, since you care so much for realism, although it's a game, and should be fun to play. To say that would be unrealistic the give a tool that vanish all voxels and elements from a construct is absolutely absurd. IRL, we use demolishing with C4 and all kinds of stuff. The building vanishes and that's real. So, make an FX before deletion and return the material to the players inventory, and there you go.
  2. The only difference is that this space market does not have bots.
  3. Yes, but JC's vision is more to the Eve side. They are still committed to deliver JCs vision of the game. No indication of any PvE. It would easily make me return to the game. That alone.
  4. What about the image of the post? It does not reflect que real game in any way.
  5. Today, after 6 months of subs, I decided to take a break from DU and Uninstalled. Still wanting it to succeed.
  6. In that regard, I think npcs should only spawn in more controlled areas. Something like elite dangerous odissey. I agree with you that it would be impossible to program an decent IA in a totally dynamic env, unless you integrate some gpt3 into it.
  7. No man's sky did it with a 15 people team. I'm pretty sure that this is not the only problem. No man's sky has dynamic voxel based planets and npc/creatures.
  8. There is no physics simulation for voxels currently in game.
  9. From the OS standpoint, it is another machine (hwid), so it works. You can technicaly run one instance of the game with one account on the host (the real hardware), and another instance with another account inside a VM, yes).
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