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  1. and then slap a hub in the middle of a mostly sealed cargo armor ship for center of mass... im sure some crazy person will do it:P(not me)
  2. i intend to use it for looks😈(along with jumps), and if the ship isnt specced to atleast max cargo, then it shouldnt be leaving the planet/moon(my bus got me killed at 50% of 1 m cargo, it was an experimental ship, now i go all out countering max cargo, with brakes/engines/useless deco), sucks force fields obstruct anything it covers<_<
  3. hitting 4(scanner) then running toward the direction, then 3(detector) is easy, pressing tab then mousing to the scanner ui, to fiddle with short/long and filters is... not intuitive(and how often is short range useful really when detector has similar range with lvl 3+ talents, and without territory scanner, you should farm anything you see in range anyway, unless your going t5 ore with xs containers... which is...)
  4. would make sense because of gravitational forces, but then whats the altitude that most get out of warp. saw this guy with a wd on a skeleton of ship upside down on market pad, so i assumed off that, that you keep your angle from a jump, if not able to do market or house to market jumps with a minimum of 1 cells worth of fuel. now, in scam citizen you have to leave atmo due to grav fields, in elite you need to be at escape vector, i think, its been a while since i played ED and attempted a planet side jump
  5. get a warp drive? or do those have restrictions as well, besides the 7~mil and change for cells
  6. how do you land them without feet:P or are you waiting for placeable hydraulics? force field L's with a delay on landing gear Ls should do the trick<_<
  7. particle accelerators smashing photons into each other to make new matter. though few people could make this work without a super massive multi-L-cored ring(underground or in space). add some particle physics voodoo(or is molecular chemistry?) to change carbon into vanadium(or is it gold) the above first sentence is more or less working as we speak at the PA in europe, or particle, cant get my head around most of it<_<
  8. so i shouldnt make a 40 billion quanta ship with no guns?!?!?!!?(gold voxels, enough deco to break the arkship, and one xs cargo:P)
  9. 4 layers of gold voxel(12k hp) 5 layers of marble voxel(8k hp)... steel panel:800 layers i think(...50...hp) no talents on rails or voxels(40k daumage)
  10. test servers are usually located on the left or right of the public server, please fasten your seatbelts before take off
  11. make one with a hologram and some glass... if only we had more glass shapes than square a, b, or c<_<(though if its placed on ground you wont see the other half of the 4 glass panels) now for me to make this weirdo into a reality... how do you make ultra slim voxels now?(like at the material museum)
  12. or NQ could integrate these programming stuffs instead<_<
  13. *goes toward a hill with 50%+ cargo in a uef turd... explodes hill:"railguns aint got nothin on me~!!!!"
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