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  1. Oh i see so the wings are the key i will need to add more, i have just a couple of M wings. What about ailerons? are important too?
  2. I know that, but i was meaning that i would like even to make at the same time a decent looking ship xD
  3. Thank you guys! I was able to leave increasing lift and atmo engines now the next challenge will be to travel with 1 L Container full Do you think tht i will be able to do that with an S Dynamic Core ship?
  4. Yes but the problem is that i can't craft them yet....maybe i'll buy them from the market then
  5. Don't have the mats to craft hem and anyway my base is on Madis You think that more wings can help me? Don't they slowdown the ship?
  6. Hi guys, so i built a cargo ship on Mantis with an M container on a S dynamic core. On Mantis i could leave easly the atmosfere, but now i'm on Alioth with 100t of materials on Alioth and i can't leave the atmosfere. I have a L atmosfere engine and 7 M atmo engines. Do you have any advice to help me to leave the Alioth atmo? Thank you!
  7. Thank you so much! I was already afraid that i had to craft Territory Scanners (these are already expensive for my pockets ) So they will just tell you wich kind of ores are in a single hex? This units don't tell you even at which depth are the ores?
  8. Hi all, so now i'm at that stage of game that i'll need t3 and better ores to starting making a warp drive. Actually i'm trying to mine Pyrite on Thades, but it seems that is very tought to find it. I digged an hole 900m depth and digged a 4 tunnels (One going Nord, one south etc) 2km long each, but it seems that it didn't help. So anyone of you have some suggestion about findind T3 ores or better? Than k you!
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