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  1. So when the issues players have been experiencing starts hitting the devs they cry about it? How about fixing the issues and not just ban people for it? (if you want to unsubscribe, search for your original sign up email and hit unsubscribe.) Good bye and grow up. I'm going back to Eve online.
  2. I hate games that are not single server. I'll probably go back to eve if this ever happens.
  3. Beta........ They will probably come to that, fix it you know.
  4. bragnar

    Animals in DU!

    It would make the place seem more planet like
  5. Yeah i agree, this is a bit ridiculous
  6. Please make a setting to hide the hand tools, they are obstructing the view. We really need an option to hide them.
  7. Yeah, this could work. Its really how one would expect it to work.
  8. I agree with this, but not if you want to limit putting small guns on big ships. Big ships need small guns otherwise this is becoming another eve where you cant fly alone.
  9. This is stupid though, there needs to be some reward for risking it. Otherwise what the the fun?
  10. Its an age old threat to say that the game will lose its players if things go pvp. This is an assumption based on your own views and does not reflect reality. Whenever pvp is mentioned the loud always mumble that muh game will lose players. Not true, in fact there are loads of people that i know of that is waiting to join this game, i'm not talking one or two but entire groups in another game i shall not mention. They are waiting for news on pvp. So am I. I dont want to invest all this time in a game that eventually is not pvp related or at least has some meaningful building up of a system instead of just hoarding things and building ships for absolutely no reason than to take screenshots. (I'm not giving people crap that like nice screenshots, i like them also, rather the point i'm making.....)
  11. You speak as though you speak for everyone. If you dont want PVP, stay in the none PVP zone. No, the end goal of this game is not to build a thriving civilisation. What would be the point in subscribing further then? I have everything i need in the game, i'm building a large core atm. If i have all the resources, my land is safe why would i continue subscribing. I have then finished the game, i have met the end goal. If this is the whole game then I guess i'll return to Eve online and play space engineers if i wanted to build something. DU is a pvp game, if it has PVP its a pvp game. Lots of us are building ships for pure pvp to get them destroyed.
  12. NPCs yes why not but not like the grind of EVE, they have to be spontaneous and unpredictable. Or maybe one planet where they live on, a new planet and this is where they are only.
  13. At the moment all the big ships come out as big squares, i personally want to build a long ship. So i suggest to enable us to choose a long format when deploying a core, so we can build longer ships that are not so square. It would also be nice if we could move the core to the side of the square instead of sitting the middle, this will enable other types of ship builds such as a cockpit in the back with the front part splitting in two.
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