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  1. C'est le mode fenêtré qui a permis ce miracle, ou bien le 1080p ?
  2. Yeah, I think this thread is lacking visibility 😐
  3. Weird... I tried it several time and it worked like...two times out of three 🤔 Don't know what can be different on my side... It's a shame, these tut are well done, when they work 🙄
  4. Don't hesitate to "next" the steps in tutorials. The bug with the Static Cube, in the C1 tutorial, seems indeed unsurpassable: but the most important is the text itself. So just pass each step when you are stuck, until the end/a step you can actually do.
  5. For my part I got a 1050 Ti, an i7-4770 and 16GB of DDR3. The game is installed on a SSD. It's a "meh" config, which is enough to play all recent titles with decent quality and framerate in 1080p. With Dual Universe (low settings) I have around 10 fps in dense areas, and around 20/25 in the wild (which is graphically ugly). The game is absolutely not optimized, and is TECHNICALLY a rough alpha. In terms of gameplay, though, it seems quite advanced and "finished" (but I'm just discovering it).
  6. In any case this pain is charged 7€/month 🙃
  7. Weird... I think we just have to get lucky 😕 And create a new ticket.
  8. This one is not broken, there is just a bug in loading some elements. Try to end the tutorial (shift + backspace), then come back. If it doesn't work, restart the game. For me it works flawlessly after the second attempt. And this tutorial is just essential !
  9. It's shift + backspace to end the tutorial if I remember correctly. This tutorial is bugged, I cannot do it too. You can read it by passing each step with shift + down ! (not the "arrow down", the other one). Then just leave it. Anyway the second one (M2) works perfectly and it's a LOT more useful
  10. Le forum français est par là : https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/forum/26-discussions-générales/ Et quelques retours à la ligne seraient cool, j'ai mal à la tête haha J'ai eu le même problème que toi au début : il a fini par se régler tout seul ! Je pense que les serveurs sont très ralentis avec le lancement de la beta, et que les identifiants ne sont reconnus qu'au bout de quelques minutes/heures pour cette raison.
  11. Hello, not sure its necessary to create a ticket for this... I successfully canceled my subscription by clicking the link given in the email from Xsolla: "If at anytime you would like to cancel just follow this link unsubscribe." Anyway its really a borderline commercial practice, to "force" people with an automatic renewal of there membership. You absolutely don't have any mean to refuse it before the payment. About this, it could be a good idea to create a ticket...
  12. Hello! Does anyone know where I can find the ADVANCED market tutorial? It is mentioned at the end of the Basic one, but I can't find it anywhere... Thanks!
  13. J'avais le même problème, tu peux essayer ça :
  14. Quel genre de crash ? Retour bureau ? En tout cas il va falloir attendre quelques jours que les devs patchent le jeu et accroissent la capacité des serveurs... Et surtout optimisent leur jeu, parce que là: quand on voit la tronche des planètes je comprends pas qu'il soit si gourmand...
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