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  1. True, when I teleported to the ship museum I had 30-40 fps, quite bad when I consider my setup (3070, 5600X, 32 GB RAM). I wonder what would the fps of a recommended PC be, 15-20?
  2. That's quite rare I guess... Mine disappeared on both demo and live server.
  3. That could indeed indicate an unstable system even if it's stable in other games... DU uses AVX and it stresses CPU and memory quite a lot, I saw my CPU reaching 95 °C, it's hotter when playing DU than during compiling shaders for UE5 projects (cooled by Noctua lol). This huge load happens when you arrive to a new location (especially with many construcs nearby) and it needs to do some building too (it is stored to cache afterwards), which is also the exact moment your game crashes so...
  4. It was like this after open beta launch too, it'll get better when people spread and when the online numbers drop a bit.
  5. Well... As the devs humbly asked: "Please review the game on Steam!" Perhaps they wake up when they see it's negative after first week.
  6. Yeah it's still the same old story, you've gave them your money, they've promised something but don't give a damn. I wanted to check the state of the game after a year or so today but it's still a mess and I'm never gona pay for it lol.
  7. Current power seem quite balanced to me, sending heavy cargo into space shouldn't be too easy, maybe change rockets into something more viable so that more people will use them if you want to have better looking ships without engine walls. I'd agree with this proposal only if the energy system is introduced too so that it will reduce the amount of engines, but it won't make flying too easy.
  8. I think it's too soon for us to see the change. Changes like this take time and even if they wanted to do a major transformation of their workflow or hire new people, it would probably take months before we can see any significant results. IMHO there's been an improvement in communication this year, but it's still too soon to say if this change is good or not.
  9. Didn't know they tied weapons to core size, I'm not interested in PvP in the current state... In that case they could reverted the lock distance patch because XS ships with XS weapons don't stand a chance against L (not that it would change much, but it would give XS/S transports more survivability). And IMHO glitched elements should be a bannable offense when used as an unfair advantage (I've already seen screenshots of PvP ships with stacked elements so some groups are already using it regularly).
  10. IMHO just a simple monthly report (someting like the already mentioned starbase reports) and maybe a more detailed quarterly reports with information about what they are working on right now and what's comming in the next quarter and a Q&A section would do a lot. I can see some improvements in communication, they've been releasing lots of information recently, the devblogs, Q&A, upvote system, but it's still quite shattered, you have to look through pages of text without anything specific. I'd also really like to see at least a rough time frame for the most important features of the game (since the original roadmap is outdated), they mentioned lot's of cool things coming in the 3rd part of the devblog, they are talking about plans, projects and processes they are working on right now, but we don't know if we can expect them next month or next year...
  11. It was like that few months ago. https://discord.com/channels/184691218184273920/748513703540031488/786149262802288660 This was probably the main reason for the patch, there was no defence against PvP only XS ships (practically just space engines + L railguns) for a regular ship before the patch, now they can at least fire back without having meta PvP ships as an escort all the time.
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