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  1. You're doing exactly what I did with COPS a wile ago I made a dedicated forum thread to hating on COPS and look what happened to them
  2. Warp drives that take you to a random location but can't take you back a good method for those who wand to play solo
  3. Hi new member welcome to the forums be sure to read the rules before posting that's a mistake I made and just know an entire faction is no longer with us.
  4. I like the "you claim it you name it " and also it can be like no man's sky where there is a profanity filter to keep bad names from poping up
  5. The hype has just begun..........
  6. Yeah they will have hover units and no they will never have wheeled vehicles because they will lag out the world
  7. What I plan on doing is having the opportunity to sell or buy from the market it self, so if you can't find someone to trade with just trade with the market
  8. Nice I'll look forward to seeing you once the game is out
  9. I know that's why I decided to call it STUPID ideas to not be repetitive
  10. I know this has been a topic before by twerkmotor but I'm starting a new one...
  11. I wish I could have hand held weapons in DU so that I can start mass sh- I mean help defend my country
  12. Hello new member
  13. Hello welcome to the forums oh and be sure to read the rules that's a mistake I made when I first started and just know an entire faction was wiped out
  14. friendlytyrant03


    I hope blueprint stealing is possible I know I'd be doing that often if so
  15. As far as I know it's up to the players to choose if people can enter that zone
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