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  1. Thanks for the input! I really like VoxtheFox's idea on an additional charge based on the length of time items will be in the markets storage! This would avoid the potential issue of players using markets as storage by listing items at outrageous prices knowing no one would buy them. Great job! Good catch! editing now. AccuNut and I will ​also be offering transport of goods, but that topic will be on another thread. Keep those suggestions coming!
  2. My brother AccuNut and I will be running a market once the game is released and have been thinking about how market owners will make their money. We have come up with a few ideas on how this should work, as their has been nothing mentioned as of yet on this subject. Here they are: Market owner (MO) takes a percentage of the sales. (ex. Item sells for $10. MO takes 1%. Seller gets $9.90.) -- thanks ATMLVE MO is paid per each listing by the seller. (ex. $10 to post one item for sale, $10 to post 1,200 items.) MO is paid per each item listed by the seller. (ex. $10 to sell one item, $20 to sell two, $30 for three, etc.) MO is paid based on cubic units of storage space taken by the items sold. (ex. at $10 per cubic unit, a listing occupying five cubic units of market storage would cost the seller $50 to post for sale.) MO establishes listing "types" (raw resources, ship parts, blueprints, etc.). seller is charged using any of the above methods based on item "type". (ex. raw resource listings charged using method #1 cost 1% of sale, while blueprint listings cost 5%.) --This option allows the most freedom to the Market Owner as they could use different charge methods for each listing "type". (ex. MO uses method #2 for raw resource listings and method #1 for blueprints.) What are your thoughts on these methods? We'd love to hear your own ideas on how markets should make a profit as well. Let us know what you think! -Don't forget to "like" the post! ​ ​Thanks for reading, ​Starkontrast
  3. excited for the KS event to reach construct vs construct stretch goal. totaly feasable.

  4. I agree with Lord_Sharkca. A monthly subscription is one of the best ways to eliminate pay-to-win micro transactions / booster kits.
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