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  1. to clarify i think some source of ore, possibly non minable by hand, or not even visible to the player, will likely end up existing in individual hexes, possibly below the max dig depth line ... these "ore" materials will require i believe an element / fixture that is complex and expensive to build and requires being placed on a static construct and supports a direct down non planet material destructive digging footprint. (ie it digs and mines without actually digging) disagree with this sure please do, but then tell me : your interpretation of exactly what an automated mining unit would be good for on hexes with no materials and then follow that up with what the driving force for conflict will be after materials are exhausted from a hex or worse an entire area of hexes
  2. so i have been considering how they will handle ore in launch and beyond and i do not think that the current ore mechanic will work for driving conflict as an area or hex can be mined out pretty quick by just 2 r 3 people, and then i think on the concept in the launch screen of automated mining so i think hexes will have a second ore measure coming soon that is of an indefinite ore production system else, .... how do u drive material conflict for a hex that has no materials
  3. not likely gonna happen. NQ has said quite clearly, that lua power and reach is supposed to be lightweight implementations and not full blown OS's running empires as it makes for imbalances. If your writing a script that needs to be online at all times, then make one of your org mates stay in the city and be responsible for keeping things liek that online, ......... or just get an alt and stand around. wish i had better news on this for u man but this is what they are gonna limit us to since they nerfed teh screens during alpha 3 in which they blamed marketplace performance on screens and not on the billion abandoned speeders in marketplaces in the end they basically limited us to screens with no web sockets or extenal connections of any kind OH and loading libraries from your hard drive that you pass around to your org to bypass these limitations or for any other ease of use scenario ... thats a nono too...
  4. it does not seem to matter if you can directly see them, as the ones i posted being LOD affected are being affected by screens in another nearby room however the reduction in grouped screens will definately ease the issue NQ should have screen LOD effects as an option we can opt out of imo
  5. for reference, this is our non LOD effected box script working ... notice the font differences again... this is not something the lua dev can code for occuring
  6. This is the same LOD effect occurring because we have too many screens located too close to each other in this area... This is on our custom box monitor scripts and the second shows it occuring on the other side of the wall from these on a management screen this is not the developers fault, can he compensate for the lod effect, no i dont think so cause afaik theres no lua trigger when it starts occurring
  7. This is not your screen or a coding error, this is a DU LOD effect caused by too much screen activity in a relatively close area
  8. you need 8 machines and a connection to the db on teh slave
  9. bump as the x56 hotas does not work properly either https://youtu.be/Nl4JAUERwlI?t=237 wheres this at?
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