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  1. The point is to keep the market platform clear of inactive constructs, and im sure that if you dont physically ping for presence people will abuse it, and if you give them a 2 week grace period they will just swap in a new alt every 2 weeks. besides, I dont get a leeway on parking rights or fees when i visit or move to a new city for a few weeks... do you? if someone new is learning to build a speeder, one of the first things they will learn is - probably dont do it on the market platform if its gonna take 6 hours but that said, the inital parking fee for one
  2. and im almost sure that this was the devs intent when they broke up the tier 2 3 4 and 5 ores across planets, creating a system that would force people to move things around for the production needs of other planets. Theres alot of things the devs didnt predict, and theres alot of mechanics that dont work the way they did when alpha started making other mechanics not sustainable at all. Like industry machines that work forever.... This T1 altering is not difficult to implement, and wouldnt require rewriting anything really... It would be an easy fix that the de
  3. No. Didnt say anything like this. I said : Remove 1 random T1 from each safe zone planet Remove 1-3 random T1 of each current pvp planet Including the moons - excluding sancutary moons Why? Simple. Effort Vs Reward. These other planets provide enriched expensive high end resources, and to settle there you have ZERO DRAWBACKS. Theres Nothing other than PVP that prevents you me or anyone from producing the entire T1 production line and populating the entire planet and its markets with these t1 elements. All with no need to move any ore
  4. Sure... players leave, for alot of reasons. As for whats to come, i think your missing the scale of the devs plans for expanding the universe, and any portion that might be engaging on that would b based off of the established foundations of the economy and general state and ruleset of the worlds in the universe when the game actually goes live and comes out of Beta. (which might receive a wipe) But with your logic of "alpha was 6 months ago take your ideas there cause you missed your chance".. in the IDEA BOX THREAD Really? If you want that mindset fine, it in
  5. Not that NQ themselves have been any clearer in explaining why. Maybe they just dont think its ready yet?
  6. I cannot decypher the NQ intent portion of it lol what i see is : NQ knows their wrong, NQ knows this is the right thing to do , NQ isn't doing because?... they know that its right? I think? or NQ isn't doing because?... they know there's several successful prior universe examples that show that its right course of action? ive really read it 30 times and i cannot clearly understand the implied NQ reasoning and intent
  7. Thank you for your constructive feedback on the subject and not a random 2 cents of garbage that's barely a coherent sentence. The point of reopening this thread i believe was for ideas to b brought forth? So I do thank you for your on topic and invaluable input on the actual subject at hand.
  8. this would answer all the parking at market and clutter issues i agree with your map updates, those would b nice
  9. this solves the parking problem without redesigning the universe
  10. having said that the problem i see is the way that they have already implemented fuel in almost a comical weighted /consumption fashion... that the same people will be responsible for defining the numbers behind this.
  11. This will b the major impact to the existing game
  12. also warlander, i dont think you understand how voxels work. atleast not when it comes to the storing of and whatnot. I dont have the best computer ever, but its ok, and i dont have your problem. What i have noticed, is that people with lower powered systems especially lower end video cards will get the error messages while mining or doing terrain work, and thats cause those lower end machines pass off hardware baked tasks to software, which takes longer to process, and the changes to the environment locally dont or cannot occur right away seeing a difference in what is and what shou
  13. ive toyed with this idea as well, what if ore nodes produced like 1billion fold of thier current ore, and weight of said ore was equally increased. Waltzing through a whole hex worth of nodes of ore and leaving behind ultimaely a desolate husk of a hex takes a solid team of 6-10 dedicated skilled miners about a day... im not sure whats gonna power pvp with land providing materials as a driving force if theres nothing of value to be had in the land hexes... cause by the time land pvp comes, the ore in any major rural area will be gone for KM all around. we dont need t
  14. implement a list display option for inventory contents. Not much else to that, the argument is easily justified by the demand for a more functional inventory.
  15. Prints are a good idea, but the current iteration of implementing them in industry is a bit tedious. Id think that if NQ were to move the print bank to the core for the construct, and then you can go to the core and put in as many of the prints as you want to have in that building Then at the industrial unit itself you can select from a list of available recipes instead of the current iteration in which each machine has its own bank, that is unnecessarily tedious. This makes for altering industry as a whole much more streamlined say if you wanted to alter the production chain of
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