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  1. The goal is not to keep people from making large factories by simply increasing the cost. Idk why this misconception is so common, NQ never said that. Yes, orgs can still make mega-factories, it just takes them a bit longer. This is desirable gameplay. The goal of schematics is not to stop orgs from building factories, it is to stop solo players from building them, or at least make it only economical to build a small number of production lines for a few items for sale. This addresses the problem vylqun brought up (about low demand generally for goods) by greatly reducing the supply o
  2. Since functional parts are not an input into exceptional parts, they should be on the same vertical level (although I understand why you drew it this way aesthetically). Also you misspelled functional "fonctional"
  3. IDK (I don't know) why it's so hard for people to understand the game is in development.
  4. 1. The idea that players have "no stake" in the economy is ridiculous 2. There is not a huge sector of players unwilling to trade at markets due to lag which isn't prohibitive 3. The supermajority of players do not exclusively participate in intra-organizational economies if they even are members of such organizations 4. Intra-organizational economies are an exceptional feature of DU, not a bug 5. I dont need a "number to back that up" to explain obvious realities, but I'll hold blazemonger's hand. To make a large retro brake, the schematic tree costs 1.5-2 million quanta (
  5. yeah obviously. blazemonger is like the most active player on the forums, constantly butthurt, always raging at the developers.
  6. It isn't a problem that organizations can build effective factories. The game is designed to encourage player's organizing amongst themselves to do things which are otherwise impossible for a single player. The problem addressed by schematics was this: Rather than buying and selling at markets, nearly every player makes a small factory to produce the basic supplies he needs, stifling economic activity. Schematics serve to raise the cost of production to incentivize specialization and market participation. This has been achieved, and the schematic system makes it cheaper to buy item
  7. In order to build trust between actors, NQ intends to add a 5-star rating system, but a rating system like this can be abused as well. I can give a player a poor rating and impact their ability to play the game regardless of their performance with respect to the mission itself. However, there are ways to formally rate a player's mission performance. NQ should have the ability to track when or whether certain mission-related events occur. (I am focusing on hauling missions here, but the principle of formal performance metrics is not limited to this scope) A few possible metrics
  8. In case you are not aware, the L key in game toggles a flashlight, and while the flashlight is on, there is a ruler that measures the angle of elevation from the horizontal. (You probably know this already, but if you didn't Xenus' answer wouldn't be much help if you don't know the angle)
  9. This is a relatively common bug people run into. For things like this, you can go to the "help-troubleshooting" channel in the official discord ( https://discord.gg/dualuniverse ). A few of the NQ staff monitor that channel and will help you get back on your feet. Alternatively, while we're in beta, there is a "Force Respawn" feature visible after pressing escape while in game. This will respawn your character at the preset resurrection node, but I don't think you get to keep your inventory so this is not preferred.
  10. Mining lasers have nothing to do with the gameplay you described. Everything you mentioned can still happen with the current mining mechanics. I would like to see mining get upgrades too, but this should not be a priority for the developers.
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