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  1. There's a player I know of, they've been a very financially supportive player of DU for some time now. If playing more than one account simultaneously actually means you are not allowed to multi-box then Novaquark has truly just given the most amazing insult to an individual that has personally invested thousands of dollars in support of their dream. Maybe this individual does not feel that way, I do not know. I would be heartbroken to have given that much and be handed a pink slip for that many accounts, additionally facing a ban (of potentially monsterous proportion)
  2. Having played LM, I'm familiar with many of the manipulation techniques and operational "rules" in that game. In this one I can see that a new apprenticeship would be helpful. Seeking someone that is willing to communicate, in-game or via NDA Discord, the known rules and limits, and possibly some effective techniques when manipulating outside the standard cube. DU:VE (Rank 1), WireByter
  3. It's been a bit over 3 years now since... Oh, yes, I also played Landmark. I definitely did. I met a few people and learned a lot of things. I entered a few contests (and was even declared a winner more than once). And then... Anyway, Landmark seemed to be a game you either loved or hated. And based on the posts I've seen in this thread that hasn't changed. For me it was the game that taught me you even could love a game. I was overcome with emotions reading through this thread. The imagery, the names of people I remember, even when only from the forums. It
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