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  1. So I've had a long break from playing DU, only thing I've done since the schematics stuff was brought in is log in and claim my free credits and queue up skills. Otherwise just don't have the time or energy to redo my factories with schematics until recently I thought I might put some work into it..... that is until NQ announces you aren't sure what you're doing with schematics. And there is no mention of power management mechanics either which is a shame. I don't enjoy grinding for low tier ore, high tier ore is ok. So the mining units for owned territories at the very least for the basic tier ores would be great. Asteroid mining is another great mechanic though using the current planet mining tech for it doesn't make much sense to me but I guess we'll see what comes from that. Space territories? I really hope this is well thought out because that will kill hauling and trading industry. What we can't fly through space because someone has a claim to it? Not very clear on that at all, can you please provide some further clarifications on this matter?
  2. Not liking the new changes coming up and thought I'll give my 0.02 cents worth. Been away from DU for sometime now and have an industry half finished, nothing major though now I'm not sure where to go given the changes that are coming in for both industry and skills. Industry changes: How is this going to force specialisation except really only make it difficult for new players and smaller factories. The big timers with their mega factories that already mass produce just about anything everything will be able to flourish by selling to the less fortunate. Really only way around it is to do a wipe and force everyone to the same rules. This could have easily been avoided by enforcing power management on everyone's factories. This is a missing feature and it would not only encourage specialisation, but can be applied to existing factories by turning off what can't be powered, and well if they are rich enough they can afford to buy the power. Those of us soloists and smaller or newer players can still be able to create our small factories to play the game, and when it comes to doing commerce and making in game money then the markets will play a big role as no solo player could afford to create a mega factory with simple power management mechanics. Heck you could do away with the limit on links with containers and machines too as power management would limit what you can do too. Skill barrier/wall changes: This I hate, one thing I hated in eve and the one thing I loved about DU skills was that you can do anything just like in RL, but you wont' be good at it unless you skill up. Why was this such a bad thing? Why is it necessary now to lock industry and weapons behind skill walls. This is a horrible idea! Not to mention that all the skills we've invested in are now probably not aligned to what we've been doing. I bet we all have a lot of wasted skills in areas that could have been better spent on this skills barriers now. On the plus side, cyberpunk will be out this week and maybe I should jump on that hype train instead, maybe by the time I've finished with that NQ will do a full wipe and remove this skill barrier idea.
  3. I'm from Melbourne, Australia and I've seen a good few Aussies showing interest in DU. Considering the servers have not been fully optimised for release nor for Australia I have been playing DU without any major issues. Do get the occasional waiting for server when mining but I expect that to be better once go further away from the major populated areas. Although I am on fibre, so with anything less than fibre to the property you will suffer with latency and have more lag to deal with. DU will be much similar to other single shard MMO games like Eve Online, I imagine they will have optimisations around auth, chat, read only replica servers closer to regions, but at the end it's always better to be closer to the mothership (main servers) than further away and us AU folks will always have it worse, not only because of our geographical location but also because of our shite internet infrastructure. This will be more obvious when playing in PvP, where locking and damage is going to be calculated by a single server, the closer you are to that server the more of an advantage you will have. I have had to leave a few fights in eve online, because of lag when it comes to 1k player battles and the lag I use to experience, especially the case when I wasn't on fibre internet.
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