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  1. I beg your pardon for your implication of impropriety.
  2. The IHRC is always welcome to host Racing Competitions at the Emberstone Colosseum and Racing Track on Alioth!
  3. Yeah maybe the Arkship's force field disrupts Territory Unit technology or something...something to justify this.
  4. An entire customizable outfit and character creator. Even more advanced than EVE's. Maybe even an actual mesh creator inside the game so you can design outfits however you want. Something like Marvelous Designer. Of course just false hopes here.
  5. Don't forget...No Man's...well never mind. I'm not in the mood for death threats.
  6. Cinderfall does maintain such a database, but mainly it's for administrative uses and honestly, wouldn't be much help to anyone. It's not like we know all of the secret alliances and pacts between organizations anyway.
  7. Welcome to the Arkship Resort, Mr. Pang_Dread. Thank you for checking in. Your reservation appears to be in order. You will be on the 74th level of the Arkship. The pool and workout room are located 55.7 lightyears away on planet Alioth, and complimentary freeze-dried breakfast will be served in approximately 10,000 years. Here is your room key and personal Nanoformer. Would you like a porter to take your luggage to your room?
  8. There's a whole website for it called the Community Portal.
  9. And... You get to talk with the Cat God. That alone seals the deal.
  10. Please congratulate the new leaders of the Cinderfall Administration! High Magistrates: TheKoolBanana Soarnir TanderCoxic Chief of Development: Kurock Chief of Defense: VoxTheFox Admirals of the JSDF: Halo381 D. Diablo Congratulations! There's plenty of other positions available, so apply to Cinderfall today and help build the Cinderfall vision: Peace, Progress, and Prosperity for all of our member organizations and citizens.
  11. You are able to. Click Edit on original post --> Use Full Editor
  12. @Kurock you forgot to mention we have cookies...and other "special services."
  13. May have gotten the colors of BOO, CSYN, and TU mixed up. I trust we know their actual color schemes?
  14. [CCC #2] Cinderfall History The Cinderfall Syndicate was established to combat the U.N.'s corrupt Project Rebirth (the Arkship program) and guide humanity in rebuilding civilizliation.
  15. No problem. CSYN's big pluses revolve around its members. As a member of SilverLight, you and the entirety of SLI are protected under the Syndicate's Defense Pact. In addition, you will be hooked into the entire Cinderfall network, where you (specifically as a builder and manufacturer) can reach a wider audience to market to among other Cinderfall members. More collaborations will also be possible, as you will also have access to some of the greatest creative minds within DU. After all, with almost 200 collective members, there is almost no limit on what you can achieve with teamwork and collaboration.
  16. Sounds fantastic! Wish I could have been there... Wishful thinking. Anyway, cool experience! As always, nothing less than quality from NQ! @BD42
  17. Beautiful creations, Shogun. Truly a testament to the Aether's remarkable balance between aesthetic and functionality.
  18. It was somewhat of a cyberwar - the U.N. had become corrupt by the beginning of the Arkship age and constructed the Arks to save themselves (not all of humanity, as it had advertised) and the elite who could pay their way. Nexus realized this and launched their own project, Cinderfall, that aimed to infiltrate the U.N.'s supposedly "fair" selection process. There definitely may have been some strategic tactical war as well, as Nexus Corporation had powerful paramilitary resources of its own. Therefore, there was conflict in both the physical and cyber realms.
  19. Reminder: Cinderfall Crash Course has now begun! Check it out here and learn more about what CSYN is and does: https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/9858-ccc-cinderfall-crash-course/
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