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  1. Very cool. Already have had some great debate and discussion with people here! +1 from me too, because I've run out of likes in my bag o' likes.
  2. How tragic. Perhaps everyone flew away with yamamushi.
  3. I think the discussion got a bit off-track near the end there, but we at the Syndicate (being a collective alliance of many organizations) would of course support this function IF time allows for it. As with anything, the game is the top priority, and anything that may sidetrack development will have to take a backseat. All I would really like to see is this feature implemented in-game at some point. I personally don't think the community site requires it, and although it would be nice to have, the time and effort it would take away from game development really isn't worth it.
  4. I mean, since California is obviously going to be its own country soon, I hope customs won't be too much of a bother.
  5. April 1st for the dummy release and then April 12th shortly thereafter, the real deal.
  6. That's actually a very interesting idea. I'm not sure how text will play in to the game, but another issue that pops up with this idea is of course, the monotony of it. If there's only one font implemented for the text elements, we'll be seeing very generic signs everywhere. Alas, the fate of convenience.
  7. Also, any idea is welcome here Don't hesitate to share your thoughts! And, welcome to DU!
  8. For some reason, I feel that NQ will implement automatic processes for refinery of minerals. There may be some sort of refining element that you can put into a refinery, but perhaps only people with X level of refining skills will be able to use it, if only because DU is such an interesting game and NQ surely wouldn't be so cruel as to force people to spend their time and money staring at rocks and clicking "Refine" all day. Concerning mining organizations...it *is* an interesting phenomenon that there haven't been any focused largely on mining. I have seen divisions of organizations dedicated to the gathering of resources, but most of these are for industrial uses rather than for market selling. For example, Objective Driveyards has their Logistics??? Division on mining, and there's also Vortrex Mining, etc. These large corporations (most of which are focused on spacecraft construction) are probably going to have the infrastructure in place to consume whatever they mine, so it's unlikely we'll see excess selling from these organizations. And again, many will focus on vertical process integration as much as possible to control costs wherever possible.
  9. That is very...admirable of you. Personally, I would do whatever necessary to achieve my own ends. If money can do that for me, by all means.
  10. Glad to have you and the BMC aboard, Ben!
  11. Might join you for a little run.
  12. That. Is pretty f.ing awesome. Makes me wanna get back into my little old Sidewinder and see one for myself.
  13. I assume that by "warp bridge" you mean a device that functions like a stargate. If that is the case, then that faction will just have to build another stargate. If they are unable to, I suppose they can either request help from the other side, or begin the long journey home. Of course, they could always just kill themselves and respawn back at the nearest Resurrection Node, but I'd use that as a last resort.
  14. Which is clearly where the need for inside spies and infilitrators comes in. Because unless you have a ridiculous amount of supplies and reinforcements, you're not getting through to that TU without someone on the inside. Even then, it's doubtful.
  15. So... an additional music/sound engine would have to be created in addition to the original game. Verbal messages would also sound very robotic - and not the nice artifical intelligence kind. More like Microsoft Sam. Perhaps later as an add-on that would be nice, but personally I'd like to see an in-game modeler to produce custom clothing designs and advanced character customization.
  16. I predict that "safe spaces" will emerge in which players can rent time on plots of land where they can build safely, free of griefing. Could be very profitable.
  17. Imagine musical fountains! Choreographed fountains would certainly be a hit for cities and a major attraction for any planet! It shouldn't be that hard to actually autonomously program the fountain nozzles - the only difficulties lie in importing music (which is a smaller problem - fountains would still look cool without music) and water physics (larger problem - it would be a lot of server strain, especially with moving water nozzles). There's always hope though!
  18. Trolling and griefing, of course! Vital elements of any decent sandbox MMO.
  19. Lovely little tool called MagicaVoxel should suit that need quite nicely. Our staff find it a very useful platform to prototype on. Check it out here --> https://ephtracy.github.io/
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