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  1. Building has many many comfort of life issues: -Remove the freaking hand and the tool, it's extremly cumbersome when you try to place something big in the bottom left corner. -Add the option to stop elements from flashing, it's uncomfortable and distracting when you do details near elements, makes everything around it less visible. -Add the option to toggle the outer grid, it often hides what I'm trying to see. -Add the option to toggle the center of mass lines, it allways distracts from, and hides the true middle because one is almost never oriented in the perfect middle looking perfectly straigt along the grid. -For the love of god don't do voxelmancy ripples, bulges and bumps on only 90° and 45° lines... Please give us a way to see and erase those metadatas. Also did you have to make all nanopack aluminium voxels so überglossy the grid is basically invisible in 97% of lighting conditions, gosh I'm so glad the flashing elements reflect on the shiny voxels 🤮 Honestly it's so awful I keep stretching my neck - as if that would help - because I can't freaking see what I want to do.
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