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  1. What if we had cargo containers that could be accessed by a robotic arm and then pull cargo from there? This could easily be a logistics job to, selecting containers to move could be automated with scripting. Power could be used as the requirement for crane operation and could be bypassed manually with a ladder.
  2. You only limitation should be how well you can script, and what computational power you have available to perform such tasks on board. By using some additional power sure you can add some realism and balance though seems largely impractical and limiting on other features. The best way for capitals to work is to automate as many simple systems as possible while staffing the necessary ones and some optional to create a seamless creation of life from the beast of a ship.
  3. Okay so imagine you are a moderator / developer for the game right. Your job is to go and search the forums for anything interesting about the game, maybe a golden idea the team hasn't thought of. Great - so now try going through the forums to see how many of the posts are relevant. So just how many of the comments on some interesting posts have good content? Go on, have a look. To those of you out there that are posting so you can get your count up, just give at least some contribution to the discussion. Yea some banter and chat is fine though there is nothing stopping you from taking your conversations elsewhere.
  4. As seen in other games such as space engineers, there are multiple types of propulsion. These range from atmospheric (electric jets) to hydrogen (gas fuel) and ion (energy only). This being a game largely about getting up and out to space, what thrust types are there and would we need fuel for each of these thrusts and will there be some form of aerodynamics like drag and lift/ wings. Improvised thrust is also there such as using artificial gravity and artificial mass to create a self-propelled mechanism. Thoughts?
  5. Mrsuper


    Well you could still make cluster bombs, meteors and giant spears. Might as well throw in some acid or antimatter. Uranium nukes should not be a thing... at least not on the starter planet or near the surface or easy to refine and requiring a radiation suit and specialized machines to process and.......
  6. There will be no stop to meta-chat in this game. The best way to utilize such items- use it to link two in game objects rather than communications. This could be ship inventories, HUD updating, AI linking, radar etc. A secondary antenna being a line of sight laser/radio antenna may also work.
  7. Mrsuper


    Fusion Reactors They require the abundant gas of helium to produce immense levels of heat and power. The reactors need some degree of scale to work and are more effective the larger they are. All of this is true with the ITER reactor project currently underway though we are still decades away from harnessing this energy effectively. Antimatter Has been suggested elsewhere. This could be collected from a planets magnetic field as radiation passes through. Expensive and delicate reactors would mean they only to be used on stationary structures and super carriers.
  8. -Russian roulette wormhole style -F1 grand prix -Cake sales -Bubble guns -Fireworks aka shooting falling bombs till you die -Planet wide 'pong' championships -Battlebots -Mexican wave battles
  9. Chances are we will need to rely on the community to moderate it self as a whole. This should be a dynamic world, not one that be run in a predefined structure. One day we may be able to create a government ourselves, entire nations even, all emergent game play. For now you are given a planet to roam, people to meet and all to guide you is your wits.
  10. Fusion is the next highest level of power generation. It already produces massive amounts of power and heat. Antimatter being as powerful as it is requires massive levels of stability to maintain. Though an expensive build, antimatter could be what must be collected to run star gates. Though primary purpose for such reactors would have to be super-capitals and space stations for it to be a viable energy source to house and run. Great ideas though.
  11. Mrsuper

    Currency name?

    Currency - no such standard cash and credit system to be clear as of yet. Trading in a constant resources such as gold as a standard unit of nokia ck100's seems viable though this will need to be decided upon launch by us. Don't let it be food or perishables Don't let it be easy to obtain
  12. Game speed Limiting technology progress is a start. There is a bit of work gathering food, materials, crafting, surviving. Then you can focus on machines, automation, refining, mining. Then you need to find/ produce a sufficient power supply for a ship, some sort of fuel to get to space. These of course requiring research and effort. All the while protecting yourself from harm, searching for resources and not getting raided. Game speed may not be necessarily in real life time. 4hr long days could suffice making what would be a month of in game time would only be a week. Same could work for star gates. When the true scale for a planet is chosen, there is a set amount of resources and open land. When you find a new planet, think about how much land is out there just for you. A week or two travel time is worth the investment. For the lone wolf out there. Be wary of others. Other players must embrace independents and shelter them against griefers as a community and culture. Neutral trade zones and safe zones is what we must rely on for everyone though. If that much can be accomplished then civilization can advance at speed.
  13. Having the chance to play for your subscription is the incentive for players to generate economic wealth to trade a 'plex' ( pilots license extension? ) Players will make the supply and demand for these though a little incentive or market control by game devs could kick start this economy. The other thing to do with salaries. Equal base pay could be a mechanic to keep players loyal to their faction or cause. Bonuses and adjustable contracts could bind players for periods of time, maybe even the duration of the Novark Citizenship (NC?). To earn one of these tokens a player would be expected to be within the top %20 or so of income earners though could fluctuate wildly depending on demand. Let the economy begin!
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