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  1. True, but the idea is not for ease, which is relative as I can't go onto another planet and invite everyone in some random corporation into my Teamspeak channel. My thought is that it adds gameplay that wouldn't usually be there. I want to get a gang and go space pirate, how do I let them know I'm not just there to destroy their ship, or if I want to maintain a peaceful nation how do I barter with the giant ship that is heading to attack and just sent a probe with a radio input to negotiate? I also believe it would increase immersion as everything is maintained in the game and there is circumstances that wouldn't make sense to be able to talk. As far as having to listen to other people's languages, unless they were on your four digit code, forced you to be on theirs, or you don't have your radio on and have a location based chat on instead, you wouldn't have to hear anyone except who you'd like.
  2. Radio frequency channels should be a thing for walkie-talkies, personal radios and ships to get information to your group, and should be set using something like a 4 digit code, so you can just set your group's radio sets to the same code and be able to communicate across distances depending on how much power goes into your radio broadcaster. There could also be radio jammers (force your code to all zeroes and just have that channel always be static) or able to force it onto whatever channel you wanted within a certain distance so that incoming ships or lone explorers can communicate with your tower before they get gunned down by a corporation/nation.
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