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  1. As cool as this sounds, exponential growth says no. 2 robots, then 4, then 8, then 16 ...4096, 8192. They may be limited by resources but it is still a massive concern that given the right circumstances they could very quickly tank the servers, regardless of their technical claims.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2k0SmqbBIpQ
  3. Would certainly be a fun part of the game. Would love to have a race league where you can earn decent money. Perhaps it could even go the way of reality and have advertising and sponsorship... .
  4. All this does is do exactly what the biggest problem with starmade is, allows people to engage in online gameplay offline. The whole point of this game is pushing everyone into a single shard, so why would they suddenly decide to let people split off their own. No this is a terrible idea and would actually harm the game by keeping people offline. Why even bother building in multiplayer at all, do it in single player and just transfer it over no resources lost in testing or anything. No risk, no chance of resource loss, no chance of dying. If the core of this game is always online emergent gameplay then splitting the community like this is just plain idiotic. Huge section of the game would be cut off like raiding bases for design blue-prints or fully/semi constructed prototypes. Spying, tech stealing, and god knows how much else. So in response I would say this is definitely not being developed. And would not only be a waste of development time would also be harmful to the games future.
  5. Having modding support in an MMO is not only outright impossible, it's an incredibly bad idea. It can't be implemented as it would require all players to download it, making it an expansion not a mod. Allowing people to add foreign code is an even worse idea as what stops me from replacing all the models with big hyper visible objects and ruin stealth, or just straight up hack. Too much vulnerability.
  6. Rather mundane topic but I think this would be quite interesting to see play out in game. Will corporations run public stargate networks? Will they charge tolls? What about in-system travel? Will people run the interplanetary bus service? Seems like a mundane subject that is usually done by an NPC, but with DU who will do it? Will we have Player John as the local bus driver, or will we have mega corporations running fleets of custom AI controlled interplanetary transports? I personally see all of the above happening but I'd like to hear other's thoughts in this.
  7. I think I think they're just using these as community classifications, not actual game mechanics. Similar things have been done with the StarMade community to create a defacto standard for ship classification completely seperate from changing any game mechanics. None of them actually took hold as classification was quite vague and really meant nothing. I think this thread is more like a dream ship thread.Your ship sounds like my ideal ships worst enemy though, you better not crack my cloak
  8. I'd build something along the lines of a stealth frigate. Something with the ability to follow someone un noticed from 20 meters and disable them before they can even see I'm there. I dont care if you could breach the hull with a nerf dart, it's armour is invisibilty.
  9. At least there will be something for the console peasants to enjoy? That game looked cool at first until they announced what it ACTUALLY was. For those who watched Bluedrake's rants, I do not understand what gets him so excited about NMS and why he was so hostile to dual universe. Certainly was amusing watching him read my comment though https://youtu.be/6fYk4ejccSY?t=1614
  10. Generic black ships with red highlights. Really though as much as I would like to do something like this http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/supcom/images/2/2f/Cybran_Jester.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20100722200038 I would like to refrain from being as generic as possible.
  11. For once, space engineers did something right here and has tackled this issue with their Cryopod system. Basically you get into it when you log off, and when you log back in you are still in the cryopod and can resume whatever you were doing. If someone were to drop connection though, im not so sure. I guess to solve that issue you just drop the cryopod kind of system and when you are within a ship you're position relative to the ship is saved and loaded on reconnect.
  12. There will certainly be the calm before the storm. Once people get their hands on some weapons they will certainly try to use them. It'll just be a rush to tech up for some groups. Others will sit in-between, offering services to whoever wishes to pay. A very interesting scenario to watch play out.
  13. The old minecraft tactic of "Go 10k from spawn and then do stuff" will certainly be applicable here. But considering early game will be locked to a single planet before people can progress their technology to reach space it will certainly be a fun time to play. A time that will never happen again.
  14. What do you think will happen when the game finally releases. How will the various factions interact, ally, fight over resources. How will the game universe itself be built by the actions of the players. I'm very excited to see the territory warfare that breaks out with such a limited space available for the influx of players.
  15. From my experience only the very core areas on minecraft servers are destroyed while once you go a pretty small distance from the spawn the world returns to what would otherwise be considered a normal world. It's definitely going to happen, especially on the spawn planet. Players will disperse rapidly as people move further out and the issue wont really present itself strongly. And in my opinion I think it SHOULD be an issue, something for the player base to manage as a whole. Dual Universe's climate change.
  16. There is OOP in lua, just not much of it and it's pretty barebones Seems quite interesting. What I cant seem to take from that page is if it is entirely event handler based, or whether there is a way for scripts to be just straight up run, which would be quite useful.
  17. One of the main things that I find exciting about this game is being able to program your own controllers and logic for operating machinery. But what has me curious, as a programmer, is how would an end user be expected to interface with the elements on a code level. Objects? Component/Entities?. I'd imagine you don't have the specifics planned out but it would be good to know what kind of feature that would be available to us.
  18. I, personally, am very interested in the programming aspect. I want to make efficient programs and sell them to the peoples like fast loaders for C64's and VIC-20's
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