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  1. i know i had to put a joke in it
  2. a would love to try the gmae no matter the verison
  3. to help with the games let people buy the game or give testing keys away so people play and test and report bugs to help a made this tings up called testing keys becuse a was board one night the key are temp keys but for how long you would like players to be on but it not timed it up to the devs whern to cut them off basic used to let people help out
  4. coder? ok a was just trying to expain by steam workshop a gui look off it
  5. a dont care about pay since i have an job and it wont since you can remove add a no gun mod rule so and if they dont hvae hte mod more of a block with green and red texure
  6. anyone talking a mnea by this do a just stop looking at this forum
  7. you guys are anti mod right
  8. but they might need to fix something else that need a lot of work then who knows how much bugs will get via
  9. is was to ask for mod support but now a debat
  10. what about the little but annoying bugs or if the dev are too buys to fix or look at every littel report there is
  11. well am try to make a point
  12. if it an mmorpg it going to be updated every week so a lot of bugs
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