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  1. I've not been on this board for a few months and I even got hit with the recruitment spam.... and I'm at "X"! lol
  2. Almost made a GWAR repost until I decided to check all of the videos out for a few seconds... and thank you! Haven't been rick rolled for years either. lol
  3. I think he's nuking planets. =)
  4. Just seen this, relatively new.
  5. If we hit 100 members Lady Astrum will send out free t-shirts to everyone... I think... right? ~grins~
  6. I really can't see them not having comm channels we can create dedicated to fleet communication (and other ways). I'm so confident it'll happen I don't have hope for it; no need. =) As for encryption I'll have you covered there. I'm sure there will be way and I can make it happen.
  7. Xorkil

    mod support

    What on earth is going on in this post?
  8. Dude! Steve! Welcome to DU!
  9. The logo on my banner is too small and people may think we're the Coalition of Pirates & Snugglers and we all know how much people like to snuggle, thus the influx of new members.
  10. No room for fun, hi-jinks and goofing around! This ship is sailing soon!
  11. So if anyone reading this wants to join our organization, know, we're all about the Likes. ~laughs~
  12. Just noticed we're both in Michigan! ...just hit my Like limit too. ~laughs~
  13. ~laughs~ I actually approve of the tactics being used by UniversalG. Entertainment and fun is the core of all communal gaming environments... as for Ninja as a Tag [for this thread] that was one of the highlights for me to join this Organization. Mercenary, check. Several friends from another community, check. Pirate, check. Dedicated players, check. Ninjas?! Oh hell ya, this is the one... why are there ninjas? Who cares! Ninjas!
  14. Adorable Alarm, code signal: X0cc Well, aren't you just a lil' cutie pie starting a rivalry already. Yes you are, yes you are. Awwww.
  15. Entertainer and funny as always Frigo. Hilarious that you Like all your own posts as well. Glad you moved here too [from LM].
  16. I'm like you and new here myself but when my friend (Kiklix here on these boards) pointed me to this game I know I'm here to stay. Game has everything I'm looking for mechanic-wise and between exploration and creating my own scripts I'm sure to get a few years of fun!
  17. I was planning on providing some tools once the documentation is out. Something of a widget maker that has drag and drop components, add your own graphics, maybe add some LUA and it spits out the code required (most likely some form of XML) for use in game (widget). Basically a Design Your Own Interface application. Now I just need to be in game and get some documentation when the time comes. Aside from that I'll mostly being scripting in this game and handing them out like candy to be reviewed, used, and improved upon. =)
  18. So will there be a Corps of Engineers (LUA and widgets)? That will be the regiment I'll be joining.
  19. Glad to be here Lady Astrum. I look forward to experimenting on Stargates, in hopes of collapsing the universe on itself, but that can wait while I loot and pillage.
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