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  1. That's a hard topic, since for the most part these collapses are caused by players if I'm understanding you correctly, so I don't think there is any programmable way to PREVENT collapses, but on the abandoned towns and cities aspect, I think you should be able to capture/destroy these bases even if its not abandoned, as that should keep people on their toes.
  2. I love the idea, simply because, you know, planet goes kaboom, but if you really think about it, doing so would be really problematic. I like the concept of planet glassing, and would be okay with that, but removing an entire planet could disrupt trade, something I enjoy dabbling with.
  3. I share Kiklix sentiment, welcome to DU!
  4. P2P is my favorite way to fund this game, simply because I can understand how hard it is for developers to develop if they have to work another job just to make ends meat. I just look at it in the fashion that, if you want frequent updates that mean something, then you have to be willing to dish out the dough to make it possible for the devs to focus solely one making this game as good as it can possibly be, and I say this as a broke college kid, so I get why paying this kind of premium is threatening, I just think it's a necessary evil.
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    Hello and welcome!
  6. I think the only real early game groups will be akin to corporations, as we just don't have the manpower or community "one-ness" to form any such ruling bodies. However, I have no plans to base my play on governmental rules, as I relish the anarchy, but do see the necessity to have laws in the future, as I need someone to rebel against.
  7. I'm worried about that as well, since if we're not careful we could end up with a bunch of little islands whose walls are impregnable, something that I believe none of us wants, as one of the best parts of these types of games is the fact that you never become invincible.
  8. Vulpin

    Light Propulsion

    I like the concept, but I feel that if you could transition between planets with that kind of system, people would tend to stagnate with expansion. If you used this concept as a awesome way to transition between different player/group controlled tiles on a planet, that would add a interesting mechanic for battles, allowing different kinds of strategies involving moving troops from one battle field to the opposite site, in essence creating a super dynamic flanking system, as well as being a nice and compact transportation system.
  9. Vulpin

    Light Propulsion

    I'm not sure about the use of this concept for small ship travel, but say you use it for long distance efficient material transportation, you can save fuel by pre-programmed routes instead of the costly job of shipping via freighter. A sub light shipping route is a fantastic idea though, but if you have to actively keep your ship at 30% light, it won't be nearly as cheap.
  10. I'm with Cybrex, I'm not nearly as well versed with the more technical sides of this game, so any classes Cybrex is taking, count me in.
  11. The whole local chat system should defiantly be a low priority, but once the game is really going its importance is going to escalate, so I'm of the opinion that we should continue to refine this idea so that it is fully flushed out when it actually gets implemented. Following that line of thought, the local chat concept is really cool for an immersion player like me, but for the average person who just wants to play a fun and unique game, someone who isn't actually used to these kinds of systems may be intimidated by the local chat system vs. TS systems. For DU to grow it will constantly need to be friendly to new players as well as complex enough for the hard-core gamers, immersion seekers and casual gamers alike. I'm just trying to be devil's advocate here. If you want to grow a community, you need new blood, but to keep a community strong we need the long time followers, so it is a delicate balance. Personally, I like the local chat option, since I am more of a fan of immersion game play rather than casual gaming. Everyone so far has brought up excelent points, but a; we're not even close to any kind of implementation, b; we've barely discussed this so far, c; the more we discuss the better it will become! The need to discuss discussions ( ) is really important in this kind of game, and doing so will improve the game in the future.
  12. Mining deep space asteroids is impractical, given how hard it would be to locate them, but asteroid belts might fit the bill for interstellar mining, since asteroids typically have nearly pure ores and resources in them, making them lucrative. Maybe some asteroids could come in or out of systems, making the dynamics just a little bit more interesting.
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