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  1. The SE One works fine they turned it off in DEV because they were implementing new code that wasn't 'ready' and had huge performance hits it was definitely functional and usable on all but the largest builds I've tried, and works just fine in stable
  2. They were famous for everything they did, doesn't mean it wasn't done by everyone else, and often before the goons jumped on board
  3. So back in my EVE days we used to do these things called LOL roams, where we'd get in really silly ships and go fight people in them. (haulers, mining ships, rookie ships etc anything not suited to the task) In DU it could be so much funnier, skies the limit to the LOLs when you get to design them yourself! imagine a fleet of hello kitty ships bearing down on you or some other equally preposterous thing
  4. I think this is anything but mundane. It opens up a world of emergent game play. Particularly if you can have shared gates between orgs so you would get all sorts of trade / transportation agreements to negotiate, explorers who have less desire to settle on planets have an opportunity to make some coin by seeding star gate networks and either leasing or selling them to other organizations that prefer to settle and build cities or whatever. anyway i think this topic which at first does kind of seem mundane, may be a huge factor in how the universe and politics in game shape up.
  5. if you fart in the vacuum of space how big will the cloud be

  6. I was going to suggest planetside 2 its good a team building exercise (and its free : )
  7. Cool, what games are you considering so far? open to suggestions at all?
  8. yeah NMS was a big disappointment as they unraveled all the features that were implied but not existent typical bait and switch.
  9. I think you deserve an award for finding a way to put to words what i think many of us struggled with. *SLOW CLAPS* that's exactly how i felt when i saw the teaser video as well.
  10. Everyone hates on the multi boxing, but sometimes you just wanna do something that requires more than 1 person, and you dont feel like waiting 15-20 minutes to get a group organized. In any game without match making where you can just click and join a group and do a thing, you have to organize groups by organizing people. Its like hearding cats sometimes. So i support multiple subscriptions and i will have multiple subscriptions if i find i spend most of my time waiting for pee breaks, smoke breaks, dogs gotta go out, oh my cat knocked this over, what's my kid into.
  11. My motivation was just to have a friendly chat and show and tell about what we like, so many styles of sci-fi, and who knows someone may see something they never saw before and get inspired. No wrong answers just a matter of taste. for the purpose of this discussion lets assume that the shape/design of a ship wont have any effect on game play
  12. LOL I love that response, it hurts my brain trying to imagine what those ships would look like but i applaud your bold choice Those are slick looking, i've never seen that game before... *adds to watch list waits for steam sale*
  13. I'm literally salivating at the though to of a convoy carrying an entire cargo hold filled with cash
  14. the pirate in me wants to say shillings or doubloons
  15. I don't mean functionally but aesthetically what would be your particular flavor of choice? For me i would favor ships that would be kind of like rat rods, junkers, minmatar like ships, ones that look like rickety pieces of junk that manage to do a job with minimal excess I'd also be really excited to see ones inspired by but not direct copies of romulan ships from star trek tng, they always looked the coolest
  16. TIL; OORT clouds exist. also I hope so i really want space to be as diverse as possible with all sorts of things to find other than just planets and asteroids.
  17. I'm going to find trouble where ever i can! I want to be the reason that convoys need armed escorts, why deep space miners bring weapons, and why children fear the dark.
  18. well in space engineers the blocks have recipes to build them, in this it appears the voxel material is just a single material in different shapes so i was thinking you could substitute the material used for the voxel component example: I build a cube out of iron, make a blueprint and give you a DRM'd copy that only allows you to build the design. You plug the blueprint into whatever it is you plug it into to start building it may have a summary of components and materials required, you see that it requires iron, but you have no iron you have aluminum so from the build summary you select substitute and you chose aluminum instead of iron, then you start building. you end up with a cube the same dimensions as the blueprint but its made of aluminum Think of it like downloading a design for a 3d printer, you may not be able to edit the design, but you can easily change the type of filament used and colour without needing access to edit the design itself.
  19. I think a way this could work without worrying about the blueprint rights is when you go to build it it has a list of materials you will require (i assume) perhaps grouped in some way (ie if you have a continuous section of voxel material of a certain type its a group) and as it shows you the requirements you could perhaps have a substitute button next to the material type of the group you want to change and you can browse through other suitable materials
  20. If other voxel games have taught me anything its the order of ship likeness goes: 1. Star destroy 2. Enterprise 3. Whatever the BSG thingy is called 4. Then eve ships so its inevitable, i have no artistic talent myself, if i did I'd make me a nyx* as my first order of business *and if anyone called it the millennium falcon i would hunt them relentlessly for the mistake
  21. Now we're talking sense. That's a fantastic idea, making in game voice, integrate with the way we already use VOIP for gaming.
  22. I like the idea a lot. This is something so few space games seem to bother including as anything other than a visual element. It would be cool to have a planet that's gas and you can fly into it and its all foggy or whatever then if you go to deep you start taking damage.
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