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  1. by the sounds of it, when the alpha launches it will be a race to see who can build the first ladder tall enough to fall to your death from
  2. I really like that logo, it makes my pants tight. EDIT: apparently i fail at quoting posts but i'm talking about the logo from the first post for BOO
  3. Finally updated it to reflect we're not part of COPS anymore.
  4. Mostly solo here, I like the role of hunter/stalker in PVP usually.
  5. Even if they're just straight,. the curvature of the planet will be less work than the uneven terrain for making rails conform too. Chances are we'll just have some fixed slopes and bends available, i'm sure the dev's will make it have enough options to navigate the planets effectively
  6. You missed remote sensor dampeners edit: and tracking disrupts
  7. So... i think the progression we're leading to is..... Mech Olympics!
  8. Oh i just had another thought, so i'm like 90% sure i read that there will be legs or something so we can build mech type units, and i also undestand that voxel's banging into each other will do minimal damage, Mech Soccer?
  9. That could be a lot of fun, especially if its at a grand scale where you have to use like tug boat type ships to extract the blocks
  10. So we've seen a few threads about things like melee weapons, wheels and racing, and space elevators. Which got me thinking about fun things we can do with the tools provided. So I was wondering what types of mini games you might have in mind, perhaps ones you made or seen made in other voxel games that could be fun in a more social environment like DU. So here's what i saw in other threads already: Gladiators (was mentioned in the melee thread iirc) Auto Racing. I was thinking it would be fun to make a little carnival with over the top rides, perhaps some shooting galleries or other common carnival games. ( got this idea from the space elevator thread because it would be the ultimate carnival ride imho) I thought this would be a fun Lighthearted discussion to get some creative juices flowing. (edit i probably should have put this in the idea box sub forum so if an admin can move it super, otherwise lets pretend i put this in the right place : )
  11. It would be neat if there was a gap between where a space TCU started and ground one ended, so that you would have to make part of the elevators trip ballistic. (i know this is wrong for how a space elevator should work, but if there is a gap i'd rather have it work this way than be constantly repairing it : )
  12. I like this idea a lot, would be neat to have a gladiator like death race style event also i think.
  13. I don't know if the weather affecting ships/components would be ideal sounds resource intensive. Different biomes having different effects would be easier on the server than tracking weather patterns for the entire universe would be a challenge.
  14. I wonder if i will ever get over my SE based fear of rotors and pistons I'm sure they wont be made of explodium in this game. I would really like to see tethers(i know its on the list) and something that can be used to lock onto another object (willing or not) for like a salvage or tow line
  15. I really like the way you styled your initial post, that's pretty cool like official documents on letter heads. A+
  16. So idk if this helps but reading all the posts i had an idea that i think would be an interesting way to address the starting planet issue.. might not but it works in my mind. instead of a starting planet, have starting moons, the distance to travel between them would be much easier than crossing a solar system, the dev's could possibly add moons as needed... and make the planet the moons orbit a giant safe zone for trade and experimentation.
  17. as long as its not easier to use those tools than weapons or explosives i have no issues with it, i mean if it takes someone 15 minutes to cut open my ship and 30 seconds to blow it open, let them cut. but it all depends on how the mechanics balance stuff like this out.
  18. Ok all i've taken from this discussion is that people went and bought it at walmart and have it already and I pre-paid like a year ago and am still waiting. F#$# SONY!
  19. Huh for some reason i accidentally unsubscribed from my own thread and missed all this, Old people and computers amirite Thanks Well here's how i see it. The universe is chaotic, beautiful, random, balanced, the only true neutral that can exist unbiased. perfect. Man will seek to replace beauty with structure. Man is driven by vanity and ego. Man will destroy perfection and replace it with corruption. I will not fight for men, I will fight for the balance Blackguard really isn't pirates, or smugglers, we may occasionally pirate or smuggle. These are activities we may engage in on our path but they don't define us.
  20. We don't have to answer, if you see a thread that irritates you, just ignore it we have no obligation to respond. If anything we have an obligation not to respond if the only response we can come up with is to be needlessly mean.
  21. Some of us do.. I haven't been on the forum for a little bit and now that I've come back and got caught up i'm horribly disappointed in what this has become. When i first joined the rude responses were sparse, now they seem to be the default tone.
  22. Wow, I don't really agree with OPs assessment either but the level of sarcasm and condescension in the replies is kind of disproportional. I'm a little embarrassed to be part of the community right now
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