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  1. DU, a sandbox, P2P, MMO is most likely going to be independent away from steam. I just dont see why the Dev team would use steam as a platform for an p2p mmo.
  2. My bet would be that it would be heliocentric solar systems. The game to me seems to be heading to a mostly realistic interpretation of real life. The planets and moons might be a little smaller in comparison but hopefully the spacing between them would be scaled appropriately. If we look back to the teaser trailer we can see the two main planets situated close together, the main reason for this is mainly to show off the games main points. Just imagine the tidal forces between those two planets, both planets would have been destroyed a long time ago.
  3. If piping would be a viable thing to do in DU i will be all for it. but sadly i dont think it will go through, there's just way to much to account for in battle-like situations. Just to get an image of why just look at the other components that a ship needs. Most of them can be just one offs with no connections required (reference to DU gameplay vid). If piping were to become a thing it would single handedly be the largest component on the ship. But then again im open to other ideas. Oh yes the starwars life support modules. The technology behind such a thing always puzzled me when i was
  4. I certainly agree that breathable environments being a thing in space fairing ships. It almost feels like it should be a must have feature. But then again the technicality behind having it implemented into DU the same way SE did theirs would not work to well. There has to be a simpler way around the problem. Now in SE oxygen is pumped (or removed) via the use of piping and vents that connects to massive oxygen tanks somewhere in the ship. That's alright and all but i fear that people might not find laying oxygen pipes down throughout their ship a very fun experience. In fact if we want to
  5. Well if anything the classifying thing will always be a subject to debate. But if anything i would love to see a time where a person could become a legend of sorts in our game's history in which his or hers particular ship would be recognizable by the masses, either shining fear or hope into anyone that would happen to spot it. kinda like the legacy of Nathaniel Flint and his boat The Walrus. Merchants fear
  6. Sensors that reads overall size, mass and volume does have its merits and downfalls when trying to figure out what kind of ship you are trying to see. But if a station was trying to gauge an incoming large vessel with fairly high mass the station crew could mistake it for a large cargo hauler just due to its mass alone. Later the crew finds out it wasnt a large cargo hauler but a massive Battleship class. Both ships (the Cargo Hauler and Battleship) share the same characteristics in both size and mass creating confusion. There are solutions after all. we could... > Make a sensor t
  7. The classification of ship categories in DU will be tricky at first since everyone has their own interpretation of what sizes and utility governs a ship to be this class. Fortunately there is a solution that i can conclude for size classification. Now if people remember the devs hope to create a interesting power balance when creating ships in the game, a person building a ship can only build a ship so large to a point where the power and engines required to run such a beast would be very unreasonable and impractical. I can assume that this point is the largest ship we could build within reaso
  8. I didnt mean to come of as rude, sorry about that :/ But yes, thank you again. Ill make sure if i see you around when the game comes out to keep my distance, haha.
  9. Wow. that really clears things up for me. Thank you Captain, your pink text has enlightened me. so to recap what you have said if i were to aim at a person with an assault rifle 100 meters and just dump ammo after a short moment of aiming i would get chance indicators if i landed a hit/miss/ or critical regardless of where i aim on his body. And that if had specific skills that would help in combat like "Aim Down Sights" that would increase my chances of landing consistent hits on said target.
  10. Captain Twerk, i see you mention Tera so many times when in regards to infantry based combat. even after doing research on Tera's combat system i still fail to understand by what you mean by it, . If you could, could you just for example tell me (us) a detailed play by play of how you envision DU infantry combat to work? I ask this because from what i can tell Tera online combat system looks like a "limited" 3rd person shooter to me. I fear that this will still be very problematic lag-wise for a game scale like DU. Now for the main topic reply: on the topic of individual weapons we could j
  11. From what i can tell from reading old topics and some dev blogs the answer to your question is yes. Organizations will be able to create their own private banks if they wish so with some level of automation. For example: you work for a mining company and you have an account in their bank that gets a daily salary. After X amount of hours a cut from the main bank gets transferred to your account under your name in the same bank for you to use. So more or less similar to real life. whether the currency in particular is backed by a type of element (resource) or some form of "fiat" money it real
  12. The idea of erosion over time (A Long Term Process) would be a solid solution to smooth out the ugly parts. But what about considering natural reclamation from the planet's flora to hide the ugly bits? of course there would be ways to block the flora if you wish. (walls, total flora extermination, etc)
  13. Yup. its most likely going to happen for sure. I wonder what kind of balancing will the devs implement for Shields.
  14. If such a town does happen to be a thing i would like to open a saloon named "neque bibit" you could be the town's one and only police officer.
  15. I personally cant wait for the Wild West choas that will be the first month of the game's release. just imagine..... Only when someone makes an engine capable of space flight. Order will take place. Or not who knows.
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