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  1. Usually, in games like this, the cost of purchasing Items and resources decreases over time. New players may have some issues knowing what to do, but this is where organizations come in. Since most tasks in the game need multiple people to complete players should be able to find a group to join. An example that I have from EVE is one crop that I was a part of, everyone pooled ISK into a pool that paid for new member ships and equipment. To finish I believe that later adopters to the game will have an easier time getting into the action of the game than the early adopters. Infrastru
  2. Instead of multi-boxing people should look into in-game solutions like using in game programming to help them multiply their potential.
  3. I look forward to seeing how much I personally will be able to automate when I am able to get into and play the game. Automation will be a force multiplier when playing the game.
  4. I really look forward to building a library for my ships and structures. Making ships operate just how you want them will be a rewarding use of time.
  5. Personally, I believe that building a good defensive base on the surface of a planet should be less resource intensive than building the ships to attack it. Not because the developers nerfed the attackers, but because the attackers need engines, fuel, and ammunition for each of their ships. The defenders will need ammunition and electricity as well however by its very nature bases should have an abundant supply to defend its self. I agree with the original poster that unless the enemy overwhelmed you with something resembling a Star Destroyer your structures should not be easily destroyed with
  6. My organization is called the Karbon Knights. With the goals of planning a complete gameplan on how to thrive once the game goes live. Planning things like ship design, bases, resource management, and how to expand operations.
  7. Hello, I am Canadian Karbon, also known as Sgshallow. I just wanted to introduce myself before I begin attacking the forums. I look forward to discussing and planning all manner of things about the game with everyone. In the hopes of starting Dual Universe with a bang, and maybe even taking it by storm.
  8. Thinking of how to survive and thrive in dual universe.

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