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  1. I keep hearing these stories and they concern me. I demand a proper response and explanation from NQ. Is there really an exploit that could cause anyone to lose their base with no possible way of preventing it? Is the problem known and a fix coming? Are there plans to compensate the players for their losses and punish the perpetrators? If that would be too much work, I would prefer that NQ shut down the server until this is fixed. I have little motivation to keep working on my base, if I can lose it at any time with no possible way to prevent it. Can we make some kind of poll or petition that would get a response from NQ?
  2. Another solution could be, that not all of the resources are mineable at once. So, when you scan a tile, you get an idea of how much ore there is. But it would spawn over time in smaller veins. That way people would not be able to scan and strip mine a tile, they would have to claim it and keep mining it for a longer time. Would also make territory control more important. Currently people just mine out the higher tier ores, and then abandon the territory.
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