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  1. They have removed the above info from the email or at least I couldn't find it. I was charged again today & had to go to the link at the bottom for Xsolla Customer Support and requested a refund for todays purchase of a game I tried to play for 2 days but couldn't get it to run on my PC. I will never buy anything from this company again. To make unsubscribing to their product so difficult is unacceptable.
  2. Same for me, just tried it, server must still be down...
  3. so, I started the launcher over an hour ago, it said I was in the 600's of the queued players... after an hour, it had only gotten down to the low 500's, so I closed the launcher & restarted thinking something got messed up with the launcher, now I'm in at 784... yesterday this never even came up, I was in instantly on several attempts, am I missing something, why would it take that long to join the game & have that many players in the que, is no one playing ingame are they all stuck at queued?
  4. same for me, using paypal will give you the option to stop the resub before it happens & I do agree that this should always be up to the player to resub or not, never should it be automatic or that cancellation should be a hassle of any kind, stopping should be just as easy as starting was.
  5. So I made a few discovers on this, once I got done with the initial tutorial & went up to the moon, then made my hover craft & got away from the market area, it smoothed out pretty much, still doing some lag & stutter, but not so crazy like before. Then after I claimed my first location, harvested some items, it sent me back to the market location & again super laggy, stutter, ect... so obviously this is not a PC spec issue, but has to do with when you get into populated areas with other players and/or large constructions, ect...
  6. My PC is not as top of the line as probably most that will be posted here, I do have an AMD R9 285, 16 g's of DDR3 ram, SSD drive & 8 core AMD FX-8350. Now I don't expect to run the game at max FPS like the newer machines, but do expect to be able turn my head ingame without maximum stutter & complete stopage, the only way I've been able to move my character is by looking at the floor, the training tutorial has been very slow due to me not being able to move just a few meters without a load of stutter & stopage. I have turned down the ingame gfx settings to hopefully give some fps back or stop the stutter but this results in zero changes. At this point the game is unplayable for me. I've been trying for hours. There seems to be no specs posted anywhere on min/max for this game, no way to even check fps ingame to know if what I'm seeing is frame drops or what. Very disappointed, been waiting on this game for several months.
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