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Please make an interface for player-generated quests

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Hi everyone,


I think the core factor of stimulating emergent and server-scale gameplay is putting accesibility, transparency and a good user interface into player-interaction throughout the game.

In the kickstarter video the developers talked about the emergent gameplay mechanics of the game such as quests that come from big projects such as creating a Death Star.

I think there should be very clear pre-made tags and pathways for setting up a quest like "shipping resources" for players and when it is rendered as completed. This way it feels like relevant and important work and not just doing someones dirty work.


There can be options for different kinds of quest types that the player can set up and post vacancies about.

For example: Setting up an assassination-type quest;


Option 1 (choose between the quest types) : Assassination


Option 2 (choose the reward invested into it by the player) : 10 DAC 


Option 3 (choose specifics of the quests) : Player name X


Option 4 (additional info message): ????


There you go, simple as that. This would allow big organisations to quickly cover all jobs required for projects which makes them easier to manage as to promote server-scale gameplay a little bit.


So let me know what you guys think.

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Yeah some sort of system by the game to enforce player contracts will make things a lot easier. 


It should be configurable, you pick a bunch of criteria for success and invalidation and then game takes the reward items into escrow when it is issued. This would stop most of the scamming that would put people off and could be pretty much automated with a builtin board in public locations

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I want this. 


My dream for MMO's in general is they become ever more true world simulations where every aspect can be occupied by a player if they so desire.  Want to be the low level armor vendor in town? you can do that.  Want to fish all day and sell your catch to the restaurants in town? do that.


And if I'm the town armor vendor I want to be able to send players out on fetch quests to get the supplies I need to craft all the stuff I've got for sale.  I want to be selling to NPCs and players... I want to receive special orders for custom armor from NPCs and players.  I want to feel like a vital part of the local economy and game societal structure.


And there's got to be ways to prevent abuse of such a system.  Like time limits... daily... weekly... or monthly quantity limits...  I don't want someone accepting all the quests I've put out and never delivering... making me wait forever.  I also don't want tons of material dumped on me such that the token reward I was paying out for such materials is no longer so trivial and I get bankrupted...


People have got to be able to accept player quests and turn them in whether the originator is online or not... and limits have to be in place to prevent over use or ridiculous rewards for little things... And if a player is filling a game play role then safe guards need to be in place so the service is still available if they aren't online or away doing something else or have left the game entirely...


I think it can be done and I very much want such a system.  It will require careful thought on how to make it robust enough but also safe and easy to use / access.  The contract system is a start but I haven't heard much if anything about how to offer contracts to massive quantities of people in a controlled and automated fashion...  which is what is needed. 

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You should be able to specify that a contract is voided if they go offline or after a certain time limit and you should be able to set the maximum number of people who can have the contract at the same time.


With a flexible enough system you could do lots of interesting things, like payments at certain times and requirements to deliver certain items. advances, security bonds etc.

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