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Hi there all!


First and foremost, I'm quite happy to see a game like this in development that could possibly rival EvE, as I have recently burnt myself out playing that. I was surprised I nearly missed this at E3. Good to see a dedicated community already popping up and good to see dedicated devs.


I am a gamer of many genres and styles, depending on the time I might be playing many survival games, many RTS games or other. But anything space related I am going to be big on.


I'm just curious at the moment after reading a bunch of posts etc as to what timezones others are from, i'm from Down Under and definitely feel usually like the minority in MMOs.


Anyways, I hope to stick around for the entire development and hope you are all having a fantastic day!

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I'm going to have to look in to making an "Eve Survivor Group" here soon. Haha.


Welcome to our community!

EvE Survivors? Hahaha, sign me up. 

I just got tired of the game after playing for too long in a single stint again. 


Thanks for the Welcomes guys! :) 

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