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Dear Noveans,


We're excited to announce that the mesh exporter for Dual Universe is now live!


This tool enables you to transform your Dual Universe creations into 3D files to save or print in 3D. You can then print your models directly or employ a 3D printing service of your choice. Please note, however, that models might require some adjustments post-export to be print-ready.




The exporter is limited to core blueprints only. Access it via the Dual Universe website here. After logging in with your DU account, you'll find an inventory of your core blueprints, each accompanied by a "GENERATE" button. Clicking this button initiates the generation job, which you can monitor in the My Models column. Upon completion, a download button will appear, allowing you to download the .stl file.


To manage system load, we've implemented a quota system. Each user is allowed up to 5 pending jobs and a maximum of 50 total jobs per day.


Check out some examples of models already exported through this feature to see the possibilities for your prints:03 (2).jpg02.jpg01 (1).jpg




Q. I don’t have a 3D printer, how can I get my construct printed?

A. 3D printing has become quite popular, you can ask friends if they have a printer you can use for it or you can search for 3D printing companies to use for your exports.

Q. I’m having trouble with printing out my construct, can you help?
A. Due to the nature of constructs being very complex and designed differently, you may need to do some trial and error to get the print outs just as you would like them. We are not able to provide support for this. 

Q. I don’t want my construct to be printed by others, is it protected?
A. You will only be able to export core blueprints that exist in your nanopack. 

Q. How do I export my constructs with the DU Mesh Exporter?
A. Go to https://meshexporter.dualuniverse.game/ and you will be able to export your constructs from there. You must be signed into your account in order to export.

Q. I’m new to 3D printing and I don’t really understand these files or what to do with them, what can I do?
A. If you are not technical or new to 3D printing, it can be quite a learning curve. We recommend web searching and asking your fellow Noveans who may already know the ins and outs of 3D printing and what you need to do to get started.

Have a great day, Noveans!


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Thank you for this :) 


Exporting my creations is something I have intended to look into for some time, so I am very pleased with this. I now just need a 3D printer to allow me to print out all my creations for my desk.

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