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Pimp My Iron Contest!


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The tried and true Iron Stalwart that is available at the UEF Ship Shops is needing some pimping out! This steady and ready ship has hauled and crashed many of the very first ore hauling flights for some Noveans. We salute you Iron Stalwart, but it's time for a little bling bling in your fuel tank. 

Contest Details:

In this competition you will be paying tribute to the Iron Stalwart and will need to keep it still looking like its original form. 

1) First things first, head over to The Exchange just outside the red hall and grab yourself a free Iron Stalwart! Please note: Make sure you are not in VR when you get your free Iron Stalwart, you will not be able to carry all of the parts! If you prefer to buy it directly from one of the UEF Ship Shops, don't forget that you will need to bring just over 7 million quanta in your wallet with you for the purchase.

2) Get to pimping out that Iron, but make sure to follow these rules (or your entry will be disqualified):

  • It needs to remain themed as the Iron Stalwart and stay the same core size. If we cannot recognize it as a tribute to the Iron Stalwart, then the entry will not be accepted.
  • There must be at least one L container (It can be any tier, if you want a rare L container in it - go for it!)
  • A portion of the L container must be visible and accessible from the outside. (This can be a corner, a side, just as long as from the outside it can be targeted.)
  • Use any honeycomb type you would like, but do not go over 500m3 total honeycomb.


3) When you have finished styling out the Iron Stalwart, submit your design using this form. (One entry per Novean.)

4) Approved entries will be shown on the parking lot of the red hall of The Exchange for judging. (Think of it as an Iron Stalwart ship show!)


5) All contest entries must be received by Monday, March 25th, 2024 @ 18:00 UTC


Please note: Once you submit your newly redesigned Stalwart, that means that no more changes will be made to it. Please make sure your Stalwart is complete before submitting your information on the entry form. :)


First place will have their pimped out version of the Iron Stalwart located in the center of The Exchange, along with a dispenser to put it on sale with all proceeds going to the winner. They will also get a special in-game title and a 30-day game time code.

Second place receives a 30-day game time code.

Third place receives a warp drive.

If you're wondering where the very cool platform that rotates the Iron Stalwart is from, that is a player-made item by the folks over at Hadron (Specifically RyanPryde and Jeronimo), go definitely check it out!

We are looking forward to seeing all the pimped out Iron Stalwarts Noveans! 

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If only this had happened a year ago...:ph34r:


I miss playing with DU's voxel engine but not nearly enough to justify the sub.  I don't miss the chores. 

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Our first two entries for the Pimp My Iron Contest are ready for show over at the red hall at the Exchange. Good opportunity to see what other players have come up with and grab a free copy of the Iron Stalwart at the same time. :) We're looking forward to seeing more entries submitted! :)

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Just a reminder that it's the last weekend to get your Iron Stalwarts pimped out. Deadline to enter is Monday, March 25th!

Also - to enter, you need to make sure to fill out the entry form. Just parking it over at the Exchange doesn't enter you into the contest!


Good luck everyone. :)

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On 3/28/2024 at 7:23 PM, Tholian said:

When will the winners be announced?


Hi Tholian,


The judging will take a bit, between the holiday weekend and so many awesome entries. I'm hoping by the end of this week the winners will be announced, but I suspect it will go to next week (week of April 8th). :)

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