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Tax market on sell


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Instead of the seller paying taxes when placing an item on the market. Have the seller pay the tax when a buyer buys the item. 



Right now when an Item gets put on the market a player must pay taxes to list that item.  And this is basically a quanta sink, so you dont really want to get rid of it.  


And you would not think that 1% and .02h per L per day is that much.  But it is a considerable amount.  Atleast for stuff that is not going to sell.  IE that orange painted voxel. Or that cable variant no one wants. 


So what ends up happening is only stuff you know your going to sell gets put up onto the market.  Meaning many of the voxel variants never get used in builds because producers cannot guarantee a sale. And after several cycles of no sale, any profit that might have been made on that voxel is now gone.



When you look at the picture included. Your paying 10% in taxes. and if that does not sell. Now you have to add 10% to your next sell, which quickly makes selling that item non competitive. 


Now what I do propose can be abused. For instance  it could turn market containers to infinite free storage containers. But at this point in DU's life. I would not be worried about such a small abuse, and be more worried about giving more access to stuff to all the players. 

Market cost.png

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Hello NQ,

I see this problem exactly like RugesV. The only fee that should be fixed is 10 quanta "OPERATION TAX" for a new order.

The "VALUE TAX" and the "STORAGE TAX" should only serve as a security payment and be refunded as a credit for cancelled or unfulfilled orders when the order is finished.

Goods remaining in market storage will then be charged the "STORAGE TAX".

Credits can be paid out or offset against the accruing "STORAGE TAX". If the credit thereby falls below 0 quanta, the "STORAGE TAX" is deducted from the daily income.

In addition, price corrections and term extensions should take place through subsequent payments and credits.



Hallo NQ,

ich sehe dieses Problem genau wie RugesV. Die einzige Gebühr die fix sein sollte, sind 10 Quanta "OPERATION TAX" für einen neuen Auftrag.

Die "VALUE TAX" und die "STORAGE TAX" sollten nur als Sicherheitszahlung dienen und bei abgebrochenen oder nicht erfüllten Aufträgen als Gutschrift zurückgezahlt werden wenn der Auftrag beendet ist.

Ware die im Marktspeicher verbleibt wird dann mit der "STORAGE TAX" berechnet.

Gutschriften können ausgezahlt werden oder mit der anfallenden "STORAGE TAX" verrechnet werden. Fällt das Guthaben dadurch unter 0 Quanta, wird die "STORAGE TAX" vom Tageseinkommen abgezogen.

Außerdem sollten Preiskorrekturen und Laufzeitverlängerungen durch Nachzahlungen und Gutschriften statt finden.



Die Waldfee

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+1 for changing up the market taxes. I'd like so much to see more life on other markets, more trade incentives such as pvp planets being seeded with select amounts of ore bots. In this hypothetical world, where we actually have a game loop for industry players, anther planet could be seeded with element buy orders, another planet seeded with buy and sell orders for industry parts.


Since market 6 is the only market used we should also have some taxes based on how much stuff is already at the market, and lower the taxes on markets that don't see much activity.


Most of all I want to see the devs participating in playing on market, as it feels like many quality of live things would exist once they realize how limited the experience feels, and how frustrating the interface is once your managing a billion in assets (a few hundred types of elements, which most solos can achieve within a few months).


The new player experience also is rather slow without the ability to buy the basic elements (adjustors, xs cores, xs engines). When in beta, we could build a ship at any market with those basic parts, it seems like a negative change to now make the new players have to spend hours, if not a full day (without talents) of nanocrafting just to make a basic amto ship.


Lastly, the tax on ammo is way to high.

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nah, i think that's perfectly fine, because it prevents market spamming. i think they should limit the 0.01 undercutters somehow, i believe some are bots. its really annoying when people or bots keep undercutting by 0.01, perhaps just remove the ability to edit your listing or add bigger fee if you want to update your order.


one good way would be to add larger fee if you have less stuff to sell. for example if one player has 200 items for sale and other player has just 2 items for sale, but wants to undercut the player selling 200 items, then updating the order would cost more for the player who's selling 2 items. this would prevent some people constantly undercutting by 0.01 and ruining bigger seller prices. it would be so called 'bulk discount' when updating the prices, it should only apply to updating the prices, not when listing.


i don't mind the listing fee, but i do mind having to waste lot of time on updating my orders because someone constantly undercuts by 0.01, so they should limit that instead.

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