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Let Dispensers report stock and price to the market interface


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Hi all,  Idea box will not let me make a thread there for whatever reason, so this goes here for now I guess!


PROBLEM: There are player run stores everywhere with dispensers, yet I have no idea if they have what I am looking for, how far away they are, or if their price is competitive.  The result?  I basically never visit a player part store.


POTENTIAL SOLUTION: Add an option to Dispensers for them to report their stock, price and location to the market interface so that they come up in search results.



I guarantee that if I see a player run store is open 40km from me and market 6 is .7SU away, I will happily go buy from the player store, if only I could see that they were there.

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Unfortunately, there's no evidence to suggest that NQ is actively developing DU beyond bugs and maintenance. 


There is evidence to show the opposite: that they've given up on DU, are working on other things, and only doing the minimum bug fixing and maintenance.


The lack of any roadmap or even basic information bout a next update only emphasizes how DU is not being developed.


If I'm wrong, it's on NQ to showcase even a little interest in their own product and communicate this to paying customers.


Right now, you should assume that the game is dead because this is what NQ is stating with their silence. New MMOs live and die by update cadence as churn begins to erode the initial influx of new players -- only with DU, there was no influx, it's only churn.


So being fair....If I were NQ, I wouldn't update the game either. I can't blame that for making that sort of choice, I just wish they'd be honest with paying customers. Is DU still a priority? Are most resources in the company dedicated to it? What will change with the game in the next year? 


Even if they were actually developing DU, @Jinxed isn't exaggerating -- NQ doesn't have a history of engagement with their customers, especially when it comes to anything that might be construed as criticism. 

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