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Very frustrated with the talent tree not telling you what you need to activate specific factories


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As a new player the quickest way a Dev can push players logout out of frustration is to not give them info that allows them to progress in the game. Take any factory, for instance. I think they call them "elements" to make it more confusing.

If you can not even look inside the "element" once it is crafted from within another "element" you get an unfriendly box that says you can not because of some mysterious missing talent is missing, BUT, does it tell you what you need to do to get it to work??? HECK NO!

Just start picking random talents in the Industry tree and MAGICALLY one day you can click on it and use it. This can push a new player to just logoff expeditiously.
Would it be too much trouble to show in the Talents tree WHAT factory will be "unlocked" if you choose which talent in the industry tree? Or is it under crafting? Who knows...

Trying to start a factory or element or widget to just spin in place from frustration is so joyful!
It says "You do not have the talents." Well, well, well SO INFORMATIVE! Would it be too much trouble to actually say WHICH TALENT is missing or are we supposed to just smash random buttons and wait weeks in the hope one of them manages to be the correct one?
Is it the "efficiency" line? the "productivity" line? The "element handling" talents? Why so secret???? Why no tool-tips? Who knows this information? Do we have to pester people who also don't know but are making educated guesses?

A new player should NOT have to scour the internet to find this information this is the Devs problem to solve not the players!



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that message is unhelpful but while the devs add better msgs about missing talents, please ask in General Chat ingame, you will get a quick response about which talent you need.


The talents that unlock access to industry units are all called Proficiencies are listed at the very end of the Industry group of talents.


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