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Energy Batteries - The game economy is based on energy


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This is the idea. What an idea should be treated. I leave it to the creators and programmers to work out the balance.



He proposes the introduction of energy carriers (batteries) to the production.

Wherever possible, money should be converted into Energies.

for example.
You need energy, not money, to make a pattern.
It takes energy, not money, to maintain an occupied territory

It takes energy, not fuel, to power engines in space.

Energy is required to regenerate and shields.

There are many examples.

Batteries can be made of everything in accordance with the principle of weight conservation. 1 kg = specific amount of energy.

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Oh! These thin lines are actually text in the initial posting? I just thought, those are thin white lines. A pattern of horizontally aligned thin white lines of different lengths. A reason more to purchase a raster electron microscope...



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I was ok


This will simplify the gameplay.
You want to go somewhere - you need energy
You want to produce something - you need energy
You want to recharge your shields - you need energy
you want to overload the core - you need energy (maintaining the integrity of the construct)

And the simplest batteries can be found in any simple ore.

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On 10/25/2022 at 3:26 AM, Taelessael said:

A - How does this improve things?

Well, the concept of an "energy system" for constructs has been floating around for a long time. Generally such an approach could arguably add interesting design constraints, and be managed by the game designers to produce results that improve the game generally (like making megafactories more challenging to create and therefore rarer, thus reducing server loads).


I vehemently disagree with some of the proposals:

  • things that currently consume, erm, consumables (fuel, cells, ammo, to an extent) should still do so, and such systems should not use (much, if any) of the energy budget of a Construct. There is economy game to be had in the production of those commodities, and that shouldn't be struck down.
  • schematics should be obsoleted and removed as a game system entirely by the implementation of Energy budgets for constructs
  • individual Elements should never use "energy currency" directly, they should use the energy budget of the Core of the Construct they're in, once that Core has been energised by delivery of the "energy currency". High energy components like Shields that don't have existing consumables mechanics should use lots of Core Energy, rather than being powered directly by Quanta.


For me, the very name of our existing currency implies some connection to energy. How about if Quanta actually are energy, or at least the gateway to it? As a bit of "pseudo-lore" to give a conceptual framework for how the mechanic might work, how about the following?


Every Construct has an energy budget provided by its Core. That Core requires the input of Quanta in order to start generating the energy that constitutes its energy budget. Quanta as we currently see them are the "electronic currency" representing the value of the "real, physical Quanta", which are actually some [space magic] special component that allows things less than a metre across to generate enough energy to power high energy weapons, shields and serious Industry. Maybe they're flecks of Antimatter in tiny magnetic bottles. Maybe they're some esoteric trans-dimensional micro-wormhole that allows tapping into the Cosmic Energy Field. Maybe they're flasks of Zero Point Energy Catalyst.


These realQuanta (rQ) would need to be fed to every core you want to be active in order for it to run. They'd be physical things that would need moving around. TUs would need feeding with rQ in order to continue to keep your claim. Any construct not being used would, by default, power itself down so as not to consume the rQ that had been fed into it (and once the rQ are in a Core, they can't be gotten back out), but could be set to keep awake and burning rQ to "keep the lights on".


Aphelia would (at least to start with, and possibly indefinitely) be the only source of rQ. Maybe the technology to make them exists only in the Arkship. It'd take some serious development by a player Org to get to the point where it might be considered a candidate to begin construction/research into being able to create rQ. I would think it's the kind of thing that should be explicitly beyond the capabilities of solo or even small corp players.


Whatever they are, Aphelia will "produce on demand" one physical quanta for every quanta you have in your wallet, and will take any physical quanta you have and keep it safe, while crediting you with one eQuanta in your wallet per rQ you deposit.



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I lean towards the WARP mechanics


Generating energy (batteries) is to be available to everyone


Batteries can power various devices or charge rechargeable batteries.


There are many possibilities


Replacing fuel with batteries is simple from a programming point of view.
Tanks can become accumulators.
And the batteries with fuel.

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