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NEW PRICE AT LAUNCH - Starting Sept. 27, 2022


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"Hi Noveans,


NQ-Sesch here, bringing you more news about the launch of Dual Universe. Today, we’ll talk about the Dual Universe store and the price of the game, as we get closer and closer to D-day (D standing for Dual Universe, here, of course!).


When we launched the beta a little over two years ago, we wanted to make the game as accessible as possible, while helping us cover the cost of our state-of-the-art server infrastructure, which powers our single-shard universe. We had set the price to about half of what other subscription-based MMOs usually cost, with the hope to bring as many new players as possible to Dual Universe. It was a beta after all, and asking for the full price didn’t seem right. This was a compromise between financial viability, and keeping the game accessible.


With the upcoming launch of Dual Universe, several factors have changed:


  • Obviously, the game won’t be in a beta state anymore when it launches on September 27th.
  • Our revenue share on Steam is much lower compared to operating the game on our website. 
  • Our economic environment has evolved dramatically, with rampant inflation and the huge variations in the US Dollar to Euro exchange rate.


For all these reasons, we are going to launch Dual Universe with a price in Euros that is in line with what we had announced during our original Kickstarter campaign. We carefully looked at the rest of the subscription-based MMO market and tried to make sure that we were asking for a fair price, one that is not disconnected from other MMOs and also ensures the financial viability of our crazy project. 


What this means is that when Dual Universe launches later this month, one standalone month of game time will cost:

  • USD $14.99
  • EUR €12.99
  • GBP £10.49
  • CAD $18.49
  • AUD $19.49


There will still be discounts for purchasing 3, 6 or 12 months of game time, as detailed in the chart below: 

Price Sheet 2022.png


This new price should put to rest the legitimate concerns we have recently seen within the community regarding the value of the DACs that will be awarded to our backers.


One additional thing to note is that the store on dualuniverse.game/buy will be shut down between September 22nd and September 27th, with the game server. This is to avoid any frustration or confusion for players who may purchase game time that would run while the game servers are closed.

Any game time already on your account will continue to run as normal (everyone with an active subscription when the servers shut down on the 22nd will be compensated with six days of extra game time at launch). However, any game time purchased after launch will be charged at our new price. In short, you only have a week left if you want to buy game time at the current price, and try to rack up the sweet rewards of the Pioneer packs we recently announced!


If you’d like to share your thoughts with us on this topic, please head over to our dedicated forum thread.


On behalf of the team, I can say we are moved by the growing excitement we can feel in the community since we announced the launch of Dual Universe. This milestone is just a new beginning, and with your help, we hope to make it one to remember. In the meantime, if you haven’t done so already, don’t forget to wishlist Dual Universe on Steam; every little helps!


See you in Helios,


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