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Future planets revamp release


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Since you are going to make the wrong decision of not offering all the content from the launch, I would suggest you minimally implement it in a coherent way, I suppose it is evident how ridiculous it would be, if planets were appearing in the solar system, so if you have planned to take them out later, minimally be consistent, implementing them in new solar systems, where you have to travel through star gates, this also opens the possibility that these planets are in wilder star systems, with suns of different colors. And it will be much more attractive than the alternative of seeing planets appear as if they were mushrooms.

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50 minutes ago, Zarcata said:

What happens to space stations that are where the planets are supposed to go, will they be relocated or will there be another wipe?

They mentioned that other than the 5 planets at launch, the rest are likely to move.  The odds that someone will plant a space core within the build box of a planet is astronomically low; pun intended. 

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