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NQ contradicts their own Code of Conduct with new construct announcement.


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I'm sure that if any one single person is found to be abusing stacking in PvP, that they would probably just be banned entirely after about the second or third time.
No mercy on repeat offenders. Sounds like it would solve the problem quite swiftly to me.

No one is going to risk their irreplacable ship and their entire account they have paid for and invested talent points on - just for a few wins in PvP.
And if they demonstrate that willingness then just ban them. Simple.

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Im confused why Ferro thinks that they are bound by the Player ToS. Almost ever clause you are referring to are for the players. They can and have in the past selectively ignored portions of it to keep the community from exploding from certain things. Get over it, next large patch they will cease to work at all. Play if you want, play if you dont. Its their game.

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19 hours ago, CyberDay said:

Im confused why Ferro thinks that they are bound by the Player ToS.

The devs are not bound by their own ToS, per se..  the devs arent users so they're not bound by a "user agreement" but the way it is now neither are the players.  The official rules say one thing and the announcement says another.  It's just bad communication and sets a really bad precedent that "rules are meant to be broken."  

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On 9/21/2021 at 3:19 PM, FerroSC said:

If quoting their own ToS and their own announcements to show a contradiction is a rage post then I guess this is a rage post.   I call it a disappoint post because I'm continually disappointed in NQs lack of clarity in their own rules. 


You have some chapters in your past that you havent moved from. Come on man, 0.23 its like half a year ago. We all took a hit but we all play the same game. I hope you get well soon and you understand they are doing what they can with the tools they have to help and please every single one of us, KNOWING, its impossible.


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