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UPDATE: More up to date information on this announcement can be found here.

In the recent PTS 0.26.12 update, we fixed an exploit related to placing elements in the same location. 


Exploits Fixes

  • Fixed an industry duplicate production.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed placement of several elements at the same position.


This was done to prevent the ability to overlap elements in the same location, which was never part of the intended game design. 


Several months ago, we stated in our clarification on bugs and exploits that we would continue to allow element stacking for the time being until a solution was in place. With this fix now coming in the Ares update as part of our continuing effort to close the loop on a number of issues, we will be changing our stance on the stacking of elements.


When the Ares update is released on the Live server (date TBA), constructs containing stacked elements will no longer be permitted. Violations of the “no element stacking” mandate will be subject to deletion without warning or compensation. We strongly urge players who have currently overlapping elements to remove those immediately to prevent the loss of those constructs once Ares arrives.


Players may report violations via Support ticket or by messaging @gm in the in-game Help channel. 

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I'm going to piggy-back on Deckard's post to answer a question many of you have been asking. 



RobRantz: quick question if you can get an answer. If I have a light stacked inside a hologram is that going to get the ship deleted? Or does this primarily focus on active elements like cargo containers, engines, brakes, etc.


Although I wasn't able to confirm with Support, the answer I was able to get is that decorative elements should not be an issue; functional elements are the "no no" that's being addressed with this update. If you are uncertain whether or not your elements will be problematic, please contact Support. 


We try our best to avoid doing maintenance or deploying things on the weekend or on Mondays. This means that the earliest we could possibly deploy Ares to Live is Tuesday but that is not set in stone. We'll need to see the results from players who were on PTS over the weekend and go from there. The point is that you have plenty of time to address any element stacking situation that needs to be corrected, even if you need to ask Support for guidance. 

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