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Clarifications about Element Stacking and Ares Maintenance


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Dear Noveans,


We read all your feedback about the changes coming about Element stacking. We agree the previous announcement on the topic was made on a very short notice. As a result, we will limit the Construct deletion to Constructs with stacked Elements which meet both of the following requirements:

  • The involved Construct has been involved in PvP after Ares release.
  • The involved Construct has also been reported to the Customer Support which will address the situation accordingly.


  • There will be no automatic deletion after Ares update hits the live server. Construct deletion will only happen in the case that the said Construct with stacked Elements has been reported for participating in PvP (and proof has been found on our side).
  • If you’re not sure your Construct(s) have stacked Elements, if you have any doubt, don’t use the involved Constructs in PvP until you are sure there are no stacked Elements.
  • Ultimately, in the update after Ares (Demeter), constructs will be negatively impacted if they contain stacked elements, we don’t currently have specifics yet but see this as an advanced notice. Elements Stacking is a bug, there’s no way around it. As a bug, especially one generating a lot of gameplay imbalance, it has to disappear at some point. So here’s a heads up for all builders who made Constructs with stacked Elements.


The Ares update approaches, it's time for a maintenance! It will start tomorrow on Tuesday the 21st at 11:00 UTC and the Live server should reopen at 15:00 UTC if everything unfolds as planned. 


There will be another maintenance on Wednesday from 08:00 UTC to 09:30 UTC, but more information on that will follow soon.

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