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I had a dream.... about DU. It was pretty awesome.


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Dreams seem to come true... At least for my RL factors the last two weeks, which i won't ellaborate from Vegas. However on the case.

I had a dream.....

I had a vision....

It was pretty sweat.  It was so sweet You guys could even taste the nectar dripping from me.

Let's get to the point.   Down the line. Maybe today... Maybe tomorrow. I dare say never.

In this dream I was warping to a planet/point and throughout the warp i noticed something quite peculiar.   Something that did not sit with the current system.
I was shocked.   Completely flabbergasted. I had seen some planet on my way to the point. There was nothing on the space map, no points no..... nothing.   
Maybe this is the case for DU.... MAYBE JUST MAYBE.... my dream comes true. You couldn't find the planet and warp to it until you actually find it.

This might maybe a mission for all our players to explore the far reaches of space.... But I dare say that NQ might have a few tricks in it's bag. Maybe... Just maybe.... they might have some tricks up their sleeve.   I might be on a planet no one has even been on. Not one player has the coordinate. That's because you must land on the ground for it to be explored. Not one man in this universe knows the depths of space until they reach the edge.

So i say to all you players out there.....  There is something unknown to you.

Happy Hunting.

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Interesting for sure. If planets needed to be explored in this fashion and were not waypoints until we visited them, or actually weren't even waypoints unless they were scanned because their position changed since the last time you scanned because the planets orbit their star and... oh wait I'm getting ahead of myself.


I'm sure this would help fill in the 'explore' aspects of the game.

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I imagine a computer on a starship capable of managing whatever mathematical gymnastics are required for punting a ship in to FTL would probably be capable of compensating for very easily predictable orbits, but making it so that future planets must be reached manually before they can be warped to could be interesting.


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