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wan easy game ?


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people cry and wan an easy game ? 

like remove 0.23 and element broken in crash ?

like can loading package with VR and earn many hundred million AFK ?



i know MMO since 20 year and i can say a game to much easy is quick a boring game and people cry for get an easy game are the first leave it because the game is boring and to much easy.



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please remove ASAP:

1) can go to asteroid solo without radar asteroid.

2) can loading mission Aphelia with VR


please reintalls patch 0.23 with element live and breack in crash in safe zone.


i m a Eve player, i come in DU and stop Eve because NQ say they wan made a new EVE / minecraft game.


Then that mean NQ say they wan made a hardocre game because in Eve even safe zone is not full safe.


so now that you bait me with your honeypot, i'm gonna piss you off until you keep your word.


DU is a cool game, it can be the century game ! :)

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You are a little difficult to understand, so please forgive me if I am not correctly interpreting what you are asking for.

-The loss of element lives to crashing in to the ground was removed to avoid penalizing new players who were still learning to fly. EVE was not easy, but as I don't remember being able to lose a ship in a non-combat situation by turning left the wrong way. If crashing is to be altered so it reduces element's remaining lives, it should only apply to ships not in the starting areas (Alioth, Madis, and Thades).

-The ability to travel to asteroids that have already been discovered is a good thing, it lets poor miners and pirates fight when they wouldn't otherwise be able to afford the risk of losing such an expensive element.

-Moving cargo in VR is useful for other stuff that is just tedious and not hard when you cant use VR, the issues of organizations farming them for money come more from everyone having the same missions all the time. If the game made random missions that were different for everyone then it would help solve the problem.

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I hope they eventually re-add broken element on crash, I think the main reason why they removed it was because of people crashing their ships not due to pilot error but because of game crashes and lag spikes that cause them to crash.

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DU wont be Eve 1 or Eve 2. And DU is NQ's vision not our vision. What we can do is offer feedback on actual patches. They wont change old patches into something new until release.

Also, nobody wants 1 man mega factory again. It was horror. :(

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