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Any progress since the dev blog dump?


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tired to see so many poeple whining :'(


pls give me money

pls give me all blueprints

pls give me all i want

please make the perfect game no matter if the game is a BETA

please please please ...


Build more / Enjoy the community, Have Love ^^




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NQ did say it may be quiet for a while, while they work on more things under the hood and such. From my perspective it seems like NQ's priorities and processes have improved some, it's just still slow going.


I don't see SB as a replacement, I collect all the space games.

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3 hours ago, Revelcro said:


4) Bacon is no longer on the menu either....





May I suggest filet mignon wrapped in bacon.  If you can get tenderloin at a decent price then cut it 2 inches thick roughly and wrap it in good quality bacon fixed with a toothpick.  Roll the edge in freshly ground black pepper and then fry it in a skillet with sizzling whole garlic cloves and butter.  Serve with baked potato and red wine.

Lies, I just ate bacon. Literally- it was delicious. 

serious note, I like the cut of the new CEO's jib. NQ has been doing a lot better at communicating things.

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