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Does this game still have hope?


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40 minutes ago, FrigoPorco said:

Schematics....really have to go. PvE would be nice. Even a start! Anything! PvP needs structure. a reason to go kill other players. Will asteroids do it? No! Because if there's another way to get the materials, people will just do that. MMOs need PvE. This is a pretty simple concept. And they already said no. So see you all in SC soon. 



It was nice talking to you in the starbase channel, old man to old man.  Hope to see you there next month old man. ?

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NQ needs to really stop being stupid and start listening to the players, I have unloaded the game and never will I join again, The players understand MMO's better than the developers namely because we have played many successful MMO's but all I see from DUAL UNIVERSE is a big FLOP where too many people will get frustrated about all the non-renewable recourses and leave the game permanently like me.   This game is just no longer worth playing anymore.  The fun level of mining is gone because industry is gone for many players at least at one time the resources could be used for something now the just vanish into the void along with quanta to mine and buy schematics and as soon as I saw schematics happen I new it was over for many many people


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