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  1. NPCs In my opinion, would be draining on a system like this, if they did NPCs im sure the subscribtion price would go up. Players on One shard doing Countless Activities, then you add NPCs, thats alot of pressure in my opinion, im sure animals may be a future thing but only because Animals in some ways can be setup to be Dynamic Props, But an NPC would need Dialog and some sort of pattern
  2. There is a Work Around. I Think.. The Location you are in when you enter and exit the pilot seat is usually in the same position, In space, less worry about Gravity, U can have your Gunner seats close to your Pilot seat, and while in space, switch seats Midflight or Fight... Im hypothesizing
  3. Well put, and I fully Agree with every aspect. I also would like to know its future because of the time ive put in and want to put in.
  4. So its still not clear? any of News? I cant find anything anywhere...
  5. SOo, I finally bought an L Dynamic Core... Should I start building or No.... Just wondering..
  6. But it could use that for now, its better than just mining, itll take what player base there is and stimulate it, a Point A to Point B System is good to introduced, the problem would be for them to not update it or to make us wait too long for an update
  7. Valid points. i was only able to get on about 2months ago, i hope they pull something together, I almost bought into star citizen yesterday lol, and elite dangerous looks good, but im hooked on this game, but if by the Summer im still mining, then i may have to wait awhile and come back, Im very hopeful though, i upgraded my system 3 times in just this past month just to realized that i cant fight the Server lag( after i spend Such and Such Amounts of money) so thats the most discouraging thing if anything, but I hope they keep it going, there is nothing like this game out
  8. I had to Find the Forum today, actually log off and find the Forum lol. But, I will say this, I believe the Game will Make it, I sincerely Hope So. In my Opinion because of the Early stages of the Beta... I Strongly Suggest, Adding Features That will create more interaction, Im not sure what the Schedule is for the development team, and that would also be something good to be aware of as a Paying Consumer, Im not Complaining, but im happy I seen this post because, i myself sometimes wonder the same thing. The Mission System, I wish it was never mentioned but only because we don't have it available yet, That Mission system is Vital for a game like this, For really i think if anything the Player Base may be getting exhausted of Mining (And if your Lucky: Salvaging) being the only default way to make Quanta. Overall, Thee Options and Freedom alone Should be enough to keep it going, The Mission System, in a perspective, isnt really a Need for a Social participant, for Participating Alone Creates a Mission, without the Title and Reward.. So I believe Less work on Overhauling Graphics, More work on the Economical Social Interaction. Just my Opinion. I love the Game though.
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