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It's been a long time.  There is defiantly a way.  I remember shift being part of it, but can't be sure.  Maybe shift+H, shift+mouse wheel, shift+enter.  Sorry can't be more help, but I noticed people were viewing your question and not responding.  Hopefully someone come along to be better help.  gl

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The game already permanently released and the tutorial don't even work to this day! You wanna know the reason why I propose a wipe? This game is just not ready on this condition to be released permanently! The gameplay has already been severely spoiled and there is not a single intention in the future to wipe! This is the reason why most people will not choose to get into this game once the game has been further developed and this is the reason why most of us have already left and unlikely to return. Even if you are able to substantially improve the game in the future, the gameplay will remain spoiled, and that is the reason people don't want any involvement!


The game--as it is right now, and as it will remain in the future--is oligarchic! The system is so broken that NQ has to make radical changes to the game that affects the gameplay and it is so broken that it is exploited before it is fixed, and nothing in the future will be wiped and things will be kept the way it is consequently! 


I should have died 10,000 years ago along with that Earth if the future is nothing but cruel!

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