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NQ needs to find a way to save the game. With other titles coming out in the near future I really think DU is going to suffer.  I really feel like NQ is focused in the wrong direction.  The hunt for ship wrecks is great but, who is doing it. Large Orgs. I did one but all I did was VR in pick up some stuff hand it off and VR out. Super fun. 


I came to this game with 30 people, we are down to 3. Maybe this is just our group but I doubt it. 


My ideas.


1) Mining, make mining more of an industrial action.  Players plant a claim.  Then similar to a factory but with a new core something like a Mining core.  These have a buid zone like any other core but are linked to the claim beacon. You add things like automated Mining units(mine ore), scanning units(find ore), containers, scavenger units(search for and pick up top soil ore rocks,transfer units(robots that move ore from mining units). All automated robots.


Maybe the player needs to build the path or something but it needs to change.


This would free up miners to play the game. 


2) PVP.  I have posted here before on PVP.  Warp should be cheap, 10% of the current cost.  Interdiction fields to pull ships out of warp.  


Biggest note from PVP is make it fun for both parties. Best thing I can do is say Elite Dangerous does it best. Slow things down.  Give the defender a chance. 


3) Voxel editor. Needs to be done and fast, some of the other titles coming out this year seem to have watch NQ fumble and are far more advanced in Voxel tools then NQ. 


4) cores,. Allow for cores build area to be modified. Option-


A- preset grids, set up 5 (random number) of presets per core that allow ship to have the same build area but are more useful. I don't want to build a cube. Maybe I want to build a long ship. 


B- make each core have a 10³m cubes that players can move around to build the shape they want to build in. 


C- get rid of cores altogether players build and the core grows as the build gets larger. Once the player is ready to place the core they feed the core something like core units.  


5) voxels as elements. This is not my idea but it is still a good one. Having to build a ship based on element constraints is ridiculous.  So add something along the lines of engine voxels, 12 voxels make the same output as a small engine or something.   


6) clean up the districts and markets, 48 hours and the ship is moved to an impound yard somewhere.  I am guessing 90% are players that quit the game.


I really like DU but it is losing players, and I hope it is not too late to save it.  Most players will not give games a second chance as there are often more options.

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DU needs to be saved, yeah, but i think much of what you suggest goes in the wrong direction. 


1) automated mining is nice and all, but can't be allowed to replace manual mining, because mining is one of the main means of income for new players (who certainly can't set up a plant themselves)

2) Warp shouldn't be cheap, if anything it should be more expensive. I'd rather have them add XXXL warp gate elements to the game which need loads of power but can enable warp channels for ships to use cheaply (in contrast to the expensive individual warp ability of ships). This would improve PvP and player interaction as long as it is profitable to use/own such a warp gate in the more dangerous areas

3) Voxel editor, yeah, somewhat needed.

4) different shape of cores isn't really that necessary. If you want an elongated shape, take a larger core. you're not supposed to fill the whole volume of the cube for mobile cores anyways. That being said, it would be good if we can attach and lock mobile cores to each other alloweing cross-core communication and linking.

5) wont happen. The mix of elements and voxels is fine, we just need more diversity on the element side, and thats most likely to be the case going into the future.

6) yes.

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On 2/11/2021 at 5:34 PM, SSampson said:

NQ needs to find a way to save the game.



I really like DU but it is losing players, and I hope it is not too late to save it.  Most players will not give games a second chance as there are often more options.



1. NQ is about to nerf linked container, making mining more cumbersome. Frankly, as it is now, I think mining is fine..


2. Warp is already cheap.. too cheap probably, especially warp cells (dead easy to make yourself and at the rate of consumption it's pretty much always profitable to just make your own). Interdiction will come, we know that but it won't be as easy as say in EVE as there is no choke points at fixed position, unless players are BadnDumb and warp in the pipe


3. Voxel editor is coming but there is several in game tools available and on top of that, you do not need voxel trickery to make good looking ships, the line and smooth tool work pretty good. Also, a voxel editor will not turn making good looking ships into a trivial matter, it will just make it easier for those who have at least a basic understanding of how voxels work. IMO  a vertex editor should be low priority as it adds very little to the game as a whole but NQ think differently/prefers to cater to the Landmark contingent in game as they think that will save the game.


4. Has been asked for since start of Pre-Alpha, I expect the cubed shape is baked into the core server streaming system in a way that it is virtually impossible to change unless a rewrite is done.. In other words If it ever happens it will be years.


5. Voxels having more useful properties like transparency, translucency, lift, stealth and possibly being un-obstructive to engines (and maybe even glow when hit by engine exhaust) have als been on the request list since pre-alpha


6. Have you read the forums lately, this has also been a point of discussion for pretty much as long as markets have been in game




Pretty much on everything, nothing new here and generally all calls, request, discussions and pleas by players regarding these have been consistently ignored by NQ or at best have gotten "sounds like something we could maybe do, we could look into this" and gotten that several times indicating NQ never actually looked into this at all and did not take notes on these remarks.. ever..


IMO, as it stands, NQ is out of time and out of funding. They are already starting their cost cutting and that wil only get worse, not better, while they are gambling they will be able to scrape together enough to make it to "release" and hope to then be able to take it from there.



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3 hours ago, blazemonger said:

Voxel editor is coming but there is several in game tools available

It would be very simple for NQ to make copying voxels in game happen in a json/xml format. That way, fans could make a voxel editor based on that format. 

Would be much cheeper and probably better to do this. 

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