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Basic Industry (Small Engines) for beginners

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Before I start, this is just an example to get people going.  It's not meant to be the most min max example.  It's not as profitable as just mining, but mining gets old quickly and is time consuming while this gives you some free time to do other stuff.


It uses only t1 ores and only small industry.


4 x this set up will set up a 800 unit run every 280 minutes (with talents up, but not at 5) which you can sell to bots for 2mill.  About 12 million every 24 hours.  Provided you've got the ore, this will run itself.


Since you are likely to be new and cash poor, get these in stages.  For 1 set of 4 you will need


5 Small containers 

5 Small Industries (small basic atmosphere eng s)

4 Metalworks (basic reinforced frames s, basic burner s, basic screws, basic pipes)

3 3D Printers (basic injectors)

2 smelter (steel, silumin)

1 chemical industry (polycarbonate plastic)

2 refiner (ore to pure)

2 Transfer unit (screws and pipes)


This keeps max connections under 10.


Below us a rough flow chart on it's set up.


Once you are sure you understand the process you can go on to more complicated set ups.


Edit: I keep thinking injectors were called connectors, so the C in the containers that says f,b,c,s,p should be f,b,I,s,p.









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And this is why bots are broken.  Sucking the few ores we actually have into oblivion.   If the ores found their way on the market again it wouldn’t be so bad... but they don’t. They just get devoured and disappear.  Basically creating a false inflationary pressure by injecting money into the system and making ores more valuable than they should be at this early point in time. 

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I manually make the polyc.  I misses chem off the kust by accident, though it is on the map.  Will edit.


You only need the chem, though I  went with 2 refiners total in the end.  Will also edit that.

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