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Welcome, RP friends. ?


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Greetings everyone,

It looks like it's been a while since we've dusted off the ol' roleplay & lore section of the forums!

Given that, I'd love to kick off a discussion about its current status:

1. Has anybody participated in some immersive RP lately? If so, tell us all about it! What's hot, what's not, etc. 
2. Describe your character and/or share your mood boards/character reference imagery!! :D
3. What kinds of things would you like to see in the future concerning DU lore?
4. Whatever else you'd like to discuss on the topic!

I'm really looking forward to hearing from all of you. Together, I think we can cultivate a lively little RP community again here.

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Hello NQ

I would love to see some added features to the Job Forum in order to promote RPG adventures. For example:


1. More options in the "Type" dropdown... Currently "Other" is the best fitting... but to make players discover or even think in terms of RPG and other activities it would be nice to have more choices here.


2. A way to prevent players from spoiling the puzzle solution in the messages. Perhaps give the creator authority to approve the messages before they become public ?

3. Being able to edit Title?

Other than that its awesome to be part of this community, and thanks for wanting to bring more attention to RPG


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